Turn Your Case Studies Into Cash With These 3 Paid Advertising Strategies

  As you have probably seen before, case studies (or long-form reviews) can be one of the very best tools to convince customers whom you wish to do business with, but I bet you didn’t know that those same case studies can be your BEST strategy to also find NEW customers or clients in your … Continued

The Key to Getting Rich Selling Industrial /Commercial Supplies (even parts!) on Google

  In the following article, I am going to share with you my PROVEN system for coming up with an online advertising campaign in the industrial parts/supplies space in order to make virtually any kind of money in a similar space, according to your needs. If you actually sell a part, a machine, or a DEVICE to an … Continued

Filling a Conference, Seminar, Or Other National Event Using PPC Ads

  If you have had the pleasure of trying to put together an event for your company in the past, you’ll know just how hard it is to fill and event on strict deadlines. whether you have enough seats filled for that event or not or whether you think are actually going to make a … Continued

How to Sell Anything (even Funeral Packages!) with this PPC Social Ads Strategy

  Are you looking for a new way to get more customers or clients for your funeral or cremation business than you are getting right now? Then you’ve come to the right place.   I will show you how to get more out of your company’s marketing budget for your funeral home by running ads on social … Continued

Drive People To A Local Demo With PPC Ads To Make More Money

  SEMINARS For years, you’ve seen some businesses use seminars to get their message out to their audiences, but do these promotions really make any money for people who use them as a marketing tool? Not only will I show you that these promotions actually do make money for the companies that use them, I’ll … Continued

Make WAY More With Your PPC Driving In-Home or Office Presentations

  In this article, I’m going to show you a new way to generate more business for campaigns, using lead generation as a part of the sales process. This technique, which involves generating in-home or in-office sales appointments instead of the ads you are using now to generate your leads over the phone, has worked … Continued

How to Generate $5 Leads With YouTube Pay-Per-Click

Despite how “too good to be true” it sounds, anyone can generate really cheap leads from YouTube if you don’t mind doing a bit of footwork with the leads in order to turn those lukewarm leads into hot ones. All you have to do to is figure out how to solve problems that your typical prospects have, using videos … Continued

How Fortune 500 eCommerce Companies Get Higher PPC ROI

eCommerce Momentum The one thing big eCommerce companies do best is keep their momentum going. They know exactly what the lifetime value of each customer is, and that number is very high because of their efforts to keep engaging and re-engaging their customers. You are probably aware of their efforts to do this through direct … Continued

How to Profit From Customer Data Onboarding PPC

What PPC Data Onboarding Is All About Data onboarding, or the upload of personalized user data to PPC ad networks for pay-per-click ad targeting, allows PPC advertisers the option to target anyone with an email address or phone number and also an account with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or YouTube. Like traditional customer retargeting strategies, … Continued

Hyperlocal Display PPC Campaigns w/ ‘Down The Street’ Level Targeting

  Did you know that by not running display campaigns for your local business, you are easily missing out on 10x more leads than you could be getting by only running tried-and-true search-only campaigns alone? Yes, it is true … While display PPC advertising is indeed difficult to generate any kind of an ROI (much … Continued