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Great post, thanks for sharing.

How do you recommend measuring calls or ads that the goal is get someone to call?

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He offers performance-based PPC consulting advice to B2B and B2C clients, along with guaranteed execution resulting in 25% more revenue, or his work is free.

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Very in depth and accurate. I especially like the first part about targeting the income level. This makes sense and has worked for things in the past for me, but not though Google ony through Facebook.

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I watched your webinar with SEJ and found it incredibly useful! I’ve taken some key points away and am starting to implement them into my current campaigns. Thanks for sharing!

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Published Author of How To Make Money With Display Ads: The Definitive Guide

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Great book
Great book I was quite impressed with all the outside the box strategies in this book. To say there is a lot of original thinking here in an understatement. Marnie Gimeno
Worth the purchase!
Worth the purchase! I like how the case studies in this book show you how to use these strategies work in a practical way. I have been quite successful with PPC before, but this took my skills to a new level. I especially like the remarketing ideas this book offered. Great Job! Richard Hamilton
Thorough and Detailed.. Didn’t Find Any Other Book Like This!
Thorough and Detailed.. Didn’t Find Any Other Book Like This! I haven’t found another book on the subject of PPC that offers anything like what this one does. I am looking to buy all the book from this Author has as they come out. Byron Lau

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Yes, it’s been an awesome week, our best to date :) Daniel Galle, Nolah Mattress
Did you do something different with the marketing? We have been getting way more calls this week… Milton Mchnicol, Fertility Center of Orlando
I would like you to do a case study on us for the mastermind group I am in. Wyatt Chapman, Vera Via