Despite how “too good to be true” it sounds, anyone can generate really cheap leads from YouTube if you don’t mind doing a bit of footwork with the leads in order to turn those lukewarm leads into hot ones. All you have to do to is figure out how to solve problems that your typical prospects have, using videos you host and share on YouTube, and present a solution at the end of the videos to generate your leads.

This blog post will show you how to do just this, so you too can generate cheap leads like I do for my own firm, as well as for a great many of my clients.

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5 Steps to Cheap Leads on YouTube

#1 – Make a List of Topics

To start, make a comprehensive list of problems you help your clients or customers solve. For myself, I do things such as set up remarketing campaigns and click to call campaigns for my clients to enhance their company’s lead flow, things my clients don’t come to me to solve outright but are solved in the normal services I provide.

Once you have a list of things you normally assist your client with, add the word “how to” to the front of each one listed and put those phrases into the search bar at YouTube to see how people are actually searching for ways to handle these specific issues.

Youtube search about remarketing

 Find Out What Types of Videos You Should Be Making


#2 – Make Your Videos

This part is pretty self-explanatory. It is highly recommended to use a professional camera and not just a cellphone to record your videos, one that allows for an external lapel mic so you will have both attractive audio and video for the end result of your video production.

When you are done making your videos, you can go ahead and send that raw video to a professional video editor to edit for you, or use Camtasia to edit these videos down yourself.

If you do use Camtasia, it is very easy to learn and use with no prior experience in video editing. You can learn how to use this program to edit videos in a single afternoon.


#3 – Add Branding and Call to Actions to Your Videos

Now that you have your raw edited video content, you can add in your default “splash” image to your video that will be there to draw in clicks to your video. I highly recommend something very simple with big text on it, so the user knows exactly what they are getting by clicking on your video.

You can see in my example how I have done this for my own videos: my video is offset from anything else on the viewer’s screen (this part is important). The higher the click through rate of your video, the cheaper your leads will be in the end, so make sure you do this part right.

Youtube search result on remarketing campaign

 Make Sure Your Video Stands Out to Boost CTR and Lower CPC


How to do an SEO Audit in 15 minutes or Less Youtube video playing

 And Give the User the Exact Info the Ad Had Promised


Call to Action

Next, add in your call to action to the end of your videos that attempts to get the user to go to your website after watching to opt in for a free giveaway of information that will either accomplish or enhance what is spoken of in the video. You can make this call to action clickable in the video by following the instructions mentioned at the following webpage.

Clickable Links Within YouTube Video Console

You Can Make Clickable Links Within YouTube Video Console Easily


For me, it is worth it to set up a remarketing campaign for someone in order to win their business, as this literally takes me all of 15 minutes to do. Once rapport is built with the user, they can be put into an email drip sequence to further build rapport for an eventual sale, or be sold on the phone right then and there to give them a premium offer. In my case, it would be very easy to sell my prospects on graphic ad banner design,for example, as it is directly related to the task at hand.

How to do an SEO Audit in 15 minutes or Less Youtube video with Clickable Link

 Make Sure to Create a Call to Action at End of Each Video to Generate Leads


GuaranteedPPC Landing Page to Generate a Conversion

Use a Custom and Highly Relevant Landing Page to Generate a Conversion


#4 – Upload Your Videos

If you do not have one already, create a branded YouTube channel to upload all your videos to.

If you do your job correctly and actually help your users surrounding the topic of what you offer, you may be able to get them to subscribe to your channel and gain a follower for future video uploads, or simply get them to watch your other videos to build up rapport with your prospects that way.

Youtube Channel Homepage

Make Your Channel Homepage Attractive to Build a Brand


#5 – Link YouTube to AdWords

Once you are done uploading your videos, you must link your AdWords account to your new YouTube channel so you can then promote your videos at the keyword search level in YouTube.

 Linking YouTube Channel to AdWords

 Link YouTube Channel to AdWords


Add Keywords to the YouTube PPC Interface to Create Laser Targeted Ads

And Add Keywords to the YouTube PPC Interface to Create Laser Targeted Ads



If you make your YouTube videos pretty “clickable,” you should pay at most $.05 cents per video view. With this, you should be able to get between one to 10 percent of viewers to click through to your landing page, depending on how good of a job you did. From here, your conversion rates on your landing page should be between 20-50 percent if your landing page is targeted enough and leaves no room to question the offer, like I have done.


Add Keywords to the YouTube PPC Interface to Create Laser Targeted Ads 2


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