In this article,

I’m going to show you a new way to generate more business for campaigns, using lead generation as a part of the sales process.

This technique,

which involves generating in-home or in-office sales appointments instead of the ads you are using now to generate your leads over the phone,

has worked to increase the sales of over six people who have tried it.

Alternative PPC Sales Process

The first place I saw this strategy, and where I stole the idea from,

Was in the mold remediation space, where pretty much everyone uses this just to compete.

Google search result on mold removal miami

You can see by looking at these ads,

That most of these mold companies are trying to make money by offering their expertise instead of a quote for their services, as this is the standard procedure for most other businesses that offer a service.

With the added cost of having to send their employees out to do these calls,

And not even being sure if they can actually sell anything to them,

What do the people in this market know that we don’t?

When I got around to putting an ad together in our own industry to figure this out,

I discovered very quickly why people were using them.

After putting some of these ads out there and seeing what they could do,

I immediately noticed about twice as many people started becoming more interested in our offer immediately.

Comparison of Adword Management

Not only that,

Many more people actually became interested in doing business with us than before,

FAR more than enough to justify the cost of running these campaigns.

Requesting Free In-Office Analysis

Now that I’ve figured out how to use this strategy on my own, as well as for a total of six other campaigns to generate a profit,

I can now confidently say why this system of generating businesses works so well.

By offering your prospects a consultation first instead of trying to sell your service or product, like everyone else is trying to do in your market,

The prospects you talk to end up having much more respect for your company and sales process than ever before.

Not only does your prospect feel more confident about what they are saying “yes” to in the first place, but because they’ve had the chance to make this decision from a person they elected to trust,

Your prospect also feels good about whom they’re choosing, BECAUSE of what you have done for them to figure it out in the first place.

The In-Person Meetup Sales Process


To earn the same level of increase in performance from your campaigns like I showed you in my example,

You can use the system I have for you below.

Steps to Generate More Sales With an “In-Person” Sales Strategy

1. Make new ads for your campaigns that will get you into a one-on-one meeting with your most ideal prospects.

new ad campaign for your most ideal prospects

2. When you start to get into meetings that your ads help you generate:

  • Start each meeting by presenting yourself as an expert, so everything you say can be believed.
  • Next, tell prospects that you will not be selling anything in that meeting, so your prospects will remain as receptive as possible.

presenting yourself as an expert

Frank Kern uses this exact strategy at the beginning of this trust-building event with his audience.


Finally, once you have those two initial things out of the way:

3. Ask questions that pertain to their situation, so you can start to learn what you can do for your prospect.

Asking your prospect to elaborate on everything

Other things you’ll want to do in your meetings to earn respect from your prospects so you have the highest possible chance of selling something to them include:Taking notes throughout the entire meeting


a. Make sure to take notes throughout the entire meeting to indicate to your prospect that you will be making use of everything they tell you.

b. Make sure to look your prospect in the eyes and mirror their actions, so they know you’re actually listening during your entire presentation.

c. Make sure to say things like “yes”, “uh-huh,” and “interesting,” as the person explains everything to you, to further confirm that you’re still listening to them.

d. Make sure to have the right tone and energy in your voice to show that you truly believe in your product and to keep them interested in hearing what you have to offer.



When each meeting is over:

4. Take the information you’ve acquired from each prospect and put it into a final report that recommends what each person should do to fix their problems.


During Your Meeting, You Are Trying To Find Enough Information About Your Prospect To Know Just How To Sell To Them…

This Comes By Plenty Of Questions & Taking Plenty Of Notes To Offer The Best Pitch Possible

 Trying To Find Enough Information About Your Prospect arrow down

Report For ClientReporting For Client

If you make the information you give your prospects better than expected here, I can assure you that most will want to do business with you based upon this fact alone.

5. Now that you’ve put together a report that clearly and adequately explains to your prospect why they should want to do business with you,

It’s time to set up a call to go over all the facts with them in order to close the deal.

 setting up a call

If you go through the information you’ve collected with your prospect personally, you will easily net twice as many sales than if you don’t, as I’ve experienced this myself.


Other Considerations for This Process to Close Your Deal:

1. Make sure the advice you give your prospect is unique enough that your prospect can’t use it anywhere else.

Making sure the advice you give your prospect is unique

2. Get a lead qualification system in place so you can weed out the people you don’t want to meet.

You’ll want to come up with a simple set of questions to go through, so as to not waste any of your limited resources on people who can never become a customer or client.

come up with a simple set of questions

This is the actual list of questions I use in the process of vetting our own prospects.


3. Answer every one of your prospect’s questions like they are important.

When we looked into doing different lengths of presentations here at our firm,

We concluded that the more questions we answered of our prospects, the more deals we would close as a percentage, as you can see in the following graphic:


Length Of Initial In-Person Meetings Affect On Our Opportunity Close Rates

*** If you say to yourself at any time “this process is just too complicated for me to do” and still would like an improvement in your lead quality, then you can ask me for that here

Spending time to listen to all of our prospect’s questions paid great dividends for our company the more we were willing to do it.



While I totally understand this system, it doesn’t work for all businesses that do lead generation as a part of their sales process,

Such as if you’re in a market like medical, where people are already conditioned to come to you and where a meet-up already happens,

Or if you sell something that requires actual no interaction in the first place because what you have is so cheap.

But there are usually many workarounds you can use with this system in generating a profit.

Like at our own firm, for instance:

Because we concentrated all our lead generating advertising from PPC into just one geographical area where all the leads would come from,

And had trained our sales assistant to set things up so all our sales appointments would occur around the same time,

This system became doable for me, as I could spend fewer resources for every meeting we would set up and go on.lead generating advertising from PPC into just one geographical area

Examples of Campaigns From Other Industries

If you are a business that does in-person consultations at your business as the normal way of selling what you have and that does offline lead generation to get into your prospective clients or customers’ homes,

Whether that be cold calling, door knocking, or otherwise,

The process of using lead-generating ads to set up the appointments themselves gives you a significant boost to your sales operation.
lead-generating ads to set up the appointments For those NOT doing in-home consultations now but want to learn how to put an in-person sales operation together like these industries normally do,

Here are a few ads I have run in the past to give you some ideas:

Example 1: 

When we helped a Funeral Home That Specialized in Pre-paid Funerals to get more sales from their marketing budget using this system,
Funeral Home That Specialized in Pre-paid Funeral

We targeted people aged 65-plus and in high-income neighborhoods with a display ad on Facebook in order to get in-home sales appointments from their company,
Display ad on Facebook (1)Display ad on Facebook (2)

And found a 98-Percent Increase in ROI from our client’s ad budget just by using these ads and changing how this client was interacting with their prospects.

Example 2: 

When we helped a Home Air Filtration Supply Company gain more sales the same way, using this same system,Home Air Filtration Supply Company Starting Ad

By targeting pages that show users how to know if certain illnesses are caused by airborne contaminants and which contaminants do,

 targeting pages that show users how to know if certain illnesses are caused by airborne contaminants
Our company was able to achieve a 345-Percent Increase in Return From This Client’s Ad Budget as well, just as before.

Example 3: 

When we used this system to help a Massage Chair Supplier get more sales the same way, Massage Chair Supplier Ad

Targeting sites that talk about how to get rid of the pain from fibromyalgia, which this product does as well,
Targeting sites that talk about how to get rid of the pain from fibromyalgia
We were able to achieve a 178-Percent Increase in Return on This Company’s Previous Ad Budget too.

While these are just a few ideas I used to make more money using the in-person lead generation campaign technique,

There are many other ways to use these ads, including in a group setting, which I’ll show you in my next article.

Stay tuned for more.


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