What PPC Data Onboarding Is All About

Data onboarding, or the upload of personalized user data to PPC ad networks for pay-per-click ad targeting, allows PPC advertisers the option to target anyone with an email address or phone number and also an account with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or YouTube.

Like traditional customer retargeting strategies, advertisers using list based retargeting are attracting those who have taken predefined actions on a website they control, but also those who participate in offline customer loyalty programs as well to gather a list of people with personally and profitable attributes they can use to make money.

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Customer onboarding allows us advertisers the competitive advantage to get more revenue out of every available and appropriate ad impression, lowering opportunity costs vs. our competitors competing for the same profitable placements and attention. The question that remains is this: Can we as advertisers gather the needed lists and organize them appropriately enough to get results?


Bigger Lists Are Better

The bigger your house list gets, the better. If the list you have is big enough, you can correlate your existing user data and make your lists stretch further. Let me explain:

If we were to have a list of 5,000 people who have purchased a Honda Civic in the past, one could run a meta-analysis on that list and determine the average demographic that purchases a Civic (ex. male, 24-32, 35-55K yearly income, Bachelor’s degree, etc.), or let Facebook do this for you automatically.


 Facebook Automatically Segments Any List for Us


With this info, we can match this demographic information with our original customer list and Facebook’s friends of fans targeting feature to expand our targeting opportunities.

The result of this activity would be to make a list of people who have not only purchased from us but also who are likely to be in the market for what we sell and know someone who has done business with us. In this manner, list targeting can eventually be our primary form of marketing as we grow as a company.


Robust Similar Audience Targeting Guarantees Us Sales If the Offer Is Right


Staying Compliant

As with everything we do in PPC, there are rules. Customer retargeting has its own set of rules to follow that is separate and much more restrictive than your normal PPC advertising campaign, so it is important to review these requirements before you start your campaign, so as not to have to backtrack later on.

Here are the more important rules:

#1. Giving people a way to opt out. Google AdWords requires this from their list based advertisers, so it is something you will want to line up right away before you even get started.

#2. Ad copy or landing page must not personally identify the user. Even if you were able to customize your messaging for each and every person you wish to advertise to, I wouldn’t advise doing it, because you want to seem coincidentally relevant to entice a purchase, which is what works best for psychological reasons. No one likes being told what to do, but people love discovering it for themselves.

#3. For AdWords, no list sharing or using rented/purchased lists. I do not know how Google would know if we did this, and it being standard procedure for all other direct advertising worldwide, I am not sure how they care. I thought it was worthy noting here, however, in case you are anticipating this.


Onboarding Process

In order to start marketing to your loyal followers, clients, and customers, you will need to start with a list of phone numbers and emails. This should be an easy export from your CRM system but may also include a dump from your email marketing program, form plugin, phone system, or PBX log, as well depending on how granular or aggressive you want to get with your campaigns.

We can either target all leads, customers, or both, depending on what type of campaign you are running.

Ad Mediums


Google AdWords

Google AdWords only accepts email addresses as a customer/lead targeting option.

The best use of Google AdWords list retargeting via Google search or RLSA is a broadening of how we target users searching for more generic search phrases that are not normally all that profitable, specifically for items usually purchased more than once.


 Capitalize on Otherwise “Too Generic”



 Ensure We Get That Hobbyist Money!


In the example screenshot above, we are making it easier for our customers to find what they were looking for. This helps those who can’t remember our product by name.



 Discount Attention Getter



 New Feature Attention-Getter

A good enhancement to this type of strategy would be to offer the item in question with a mention of a discounted price or in the case of a more complicated offer, a mention of a new updated version to “stimulate the click.”


Facebook Ads

The great thing about Facebook is that has more page views than any other site you can go to for this type of marketing. They also accept both email lists and phone numbers, which allows you do multiple things that you can’t do on AdWords alone.

There are two main avenues to go with list based retargeting ads on Facebook. Newsfeed ads and sidebar ads. Both types work far better on desktop than mobile, but if you are already tapping all available opportunities via desktop ads, then the right move is to move onto mobile ads too.


 Facebook Allows Targeting by Phone Number



Newsfeed Ad Strategy

I like to save the newsfeed ad placement medium for time-sensitive or breaking news type of messages/offers, as people who are in the newsfeed are normally looking to be entertained. An example here would be a sale that is ending at the end of the month or a new independent review your company just picked up.


Hard sell those who are familiar with what you offer in the Facebook newsfeed for quick cash.



Sidebar Ads

This ad placement medium is great for promoting ongoing discount offers, upsells, and cross-sell products. Offering 5 percent off to purchase again is a good one to use here, as is any complimentary add-on to what the customer has purchased before.


Or Offer Current Customers to Buy Again for a Small Discount Using Sidebar Ads

If you are now offering a new version of the product, you can always let your old customers know how to upgrade as well.


Bonus Opportunity: Phone Lead Scraping

While we technically can still remarket to those who call us via common phone call tracking, this type of tracking isn’t all that accurate in identifying exactly who called as you may think.

By scraping your entire phone record log for calls by source and by the page the number was called from, we can work harder to get those lukewarm leads into the fold. In this case, a shorter cookie window would be warranted here, as leads tend to go cold pretty quickly, even if they don’t buy from someone else first.


You can breathe new life into leads who never heard your whole pitch with house database phone number uploads.


Twitter, YouTube, Gmail

These other networks are good to get maximum saturation out of your lists. While Twitter allows for number and email lists, YouTube and Gmail do not.

If you are to advertise on these sources, I would promote mostly time-sensitive offers, regular promotions, events, or any other thing you would want your clientele to know about right now, to get as many blanket impressions in as possible.



As far as search based retargeting goes, it is very common for me to get a very highly searched two- or three-word keyword combination that wouldn’t normally work via a non-house list to work very well when combined with a house list.

 Targeting Generic Key Phrases in Google With Old Lists Greatly Increases Revenue

As far as the display retargeting using time-sensitive offers, it is very common to get the phone ringing off the hook if you do it right and sparingly to keep your audience attentive.

People who were on the fence about buying something (could be anything) will very quickly open up their wallets to buy if you come up with ad copy, as well as landing page copy, that is convincing enough to do so. Having a list of buyers who previously input their credit card to our system at least once is already halfway there!


 As Does Upsells or Other Regular Cross Promotions in Facebook Using House Lists




In 2016, if you are not going to be employing these above strategies in your PPC advertising campaigns, then your competitors will have a significant edge on you. Don’t be the only one not doing this stuff and have to figure out later why your customers are never coming back!



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