Running National Click to Call Campaigns – Do They Work?

What Are Call Only Ads? In the spring of 2015, Google introduced to the advertising community “Call Only” ad campaigns, which allowed advertisers the option to advertise to their audiences on mobile enabled devices with the exclusive end goal to generate phone calls (similar to what call extensions provide) but without having to necessarily give … Continued

Tapping the Mid Funnel for Sales Opportunities Using Paid Ads

The ‘Right’ Content Greatly Magnifies Any PPC You’re Doing Right Now Have you previously wondered why your leading competitors are paying to promote free content on the web instead of pushing their actual products and services for sale with no clear monetization strategy? Well, the fact of the matter is, promoting content on the web via … Continued

How to Steal Conversions from Your Competitors With PPC

In many business classes, I have found it far easier to “sell’” products to those who are actively looking for or are already using competitors’ solutions than it is to “market” my client’s products in the usual places where prospects are looking for said solutions. This article will lay out why I often do this … Continued

How to Generate Fake Product Popularity Using PPC Ads

Support for Your Company Before Support Exists Have you ever wondered how your competitors get their customers to come to them to buy their products without having to continually advertise? Wouldn’t it be nice to create an actual brand instead of struggling to make your sales numbers every month? Well, despite your initial thoughts on how … Continued

Pre-Marketing With PPC to Create the Illusion of Authority

Have you ever wondered why some products, services, or company stories go viral on the web and yours has not? Do you realize that a large portion of these “viral” stories are not really viral at all and are simply just really well-placed marketing campaigns that only appear on the surface to have gotten started on their own? … Continued

Customer Reactivation Using PPC – Your Money-Making “How to” Guide

If you don’t already have a system in place to attract customers or clients back to your business’s site once they have “quit” on you, then you will be letting a whole bunch of customers needlessly head right over to your competitors as soon as they experience even the slightest bit of inconvenience and perceive … Continued

Health & Wellness Product PPC Case Study

The Challenge The PPC advertising management client featured in this case study offers health and wellness “water enhancement” products that greatly improve tap water for those interested in its health benefits. While this client had moderate success selling their water enhancement products in the past, they made it a priority to increase their margins at … Continued

How To Raise Your Prices (And Get Away With It)

  I used to hear it all the time … A new prospect comes to our firm from a basic web search, looking for help with their PPC campaigns. After checking out what’s on our website, the prospect is excited to get started. Having seen everything they need in order to want to do business … Continued

Improving PPC Lead Quality When Everything Else Fails – Ultimate Guide

  Dear reader, Are you reading this article because you’re fed up with the poor quality leads you’re getting from your PPC campaigns? Have you tried everything to get rid of the people you don’t want But just haven’t been able to figure it out yet?   Well, I am here to tell you that … Continued

Why First Touch Display Advertising Can Generate More Revenue Than Search

In the consulting world, digital display advertising is all too often looked at as a negative thing. Far more often than not, new clients tell me that “display advertising does not work for their businesses” and refuse to try a new campaign strategy due to the terrible taste it has already left in their mouth. … Continued