Software That Increases Your Revenue?

Yes, that’s right, you can definitely optimize your PPC accounts for maximum revenue by split testing your landing pages quickly and easily.

Split testing tools, such as Visual Website Optimizer, have came a long way since just a few years ago. It used to be that you could not easily split test eCommerce sites without having to manually rotate out your copy, images, pricing, and layout and guess that the traffic you were sending at your product pages was roughly the same in quality as before.

Not anymore.

Thanks to the new Visual Website Optimizer, it is easy to set up split tests on any part of your eCommerce site (or any other site, for that matter) to see how much different element changes on your site affect your bottom line revenue derived from your PPC campaign.

If you would like for me to set you up with a free VWO revenue tracking setup that gets your average revenue per visit to rise on you’re eCommerce site significantly, then you can request that from me here

The way this works is simple: sign up for a free VWO account, drop in your VWO smart code into the footer of your site, add the VWO revenue tracking code into the customer success page of your eComm site (if you are running one), set up your split test to run, and sit back and let Visual Website Optimizer do the work.

VWO Revenue Tracking Dashboard

VWO Revenue Tracking Dashboard


Yes, I did mention you can split test PPC campaign driven revenue on non-eCommerce sites, but this assumes you already have PPC campaign offline conversion tracking set up on your site. Just set up two separate URLs in your VWO account to do this, encode them with the proper UTM strings, and see what you think will work to increase your revenues.


A Few Things to Track on Any Site Are as Follows:

Phone Numbers and Forms – Placement and color scheme used, which should be offsetting from the rest of your site.

Call to Action Hook – Find out how to get people on the fence to contact you with questions so you can capture the lead info and get them into your nurturing sequence

Price – You should always heavily split test your pricing. I recommend increments of 10 percent in difference on everything you offer.

Headlines – Of course. Have you summarized what you offer in one headline good enough for your visitor to understand in an instant? PPC traffic search queries should always mirror your headlines.

Sales Copy – Are you regularly checking in with your sales department to work in pain points to your copy? If not, you are losing easy sales.

After you have tested all these things, you should always take what you have learned and apply that to new, radical landing page designs that are specifically geared for converting your PPC traffic alone.

Landing Page Example that Converts Above PAR

 Landing Page Example That Converts Above PAR


Tracking Goal Types And Monitoring Your Results

You will notice when using VWO that there isn’t a quick, easy way to test things across all similar pages on your site, which could come in handy in some situations; rather, it is a tool used to make your test adjustments on single product pages, for instance, or your entire shopping cart basket.

For what it’s worth, you should only be testing one product at a time anyway to get relevant data, and roll out testing on your own site later to perform these sorts of wide-scale changes on your site.

Setting up Revenue Tracking in VWO

 Setting up Revenue Tracking in VWO requires Designating your “Thank You” page


Tracking multiple Goals Using VWO Tools

You Can Track Multiple or as Many Goals as You Want Using the VWO Tool


Tracking Revenue Per Visitor or Total Revenue Made per Test Variant

Track Revenue Per Visitor or Total Revenue Made Per Test Variant


Tacking Click Troughs to another Page

Or Simply Track Click Throughs to Another Page or Other Desired Action


Running Tests for Certain Sections of Your Site

Once you know what works, you can run either site-wide experiments on your site using VWO or even run tests on certain categories. While VWO will show you engagement metrics for the experiment at hand, such as total engagement, goals, and revenue, you can see even more about what is going on for your individual tests by setting up content groupings in your Google Analytics for the site in question.

Google Analytics content grouping to examine VWO category level tests for a cross-site analysis

Use Google Analytics content groupings to examine VWO category level tests for a cross-site analysis


Google Analytics content grouping

And quickly see how a change to any section of your site is performing as compared to any other portion of your site.


How much can you actually gain by testing changes for effects on revenue?

Short answer? A LOT:

Changing The Price Color

Changing The Price Color Usually Affects Revenue —
In This One Experiment, I Generated Another 20 Percent (Red vs. Black)

I have ran test experiments that within just a few days told me that a simple color change in the pricing on the site from black to red resulted in double-digit revenue increases across the board. Like they say about the lottery, if you do not play, you cannot win. The only difference between easy success and frustration, however, is raw experience doing conversion rate testing for a living. I highly recommend hiring one if you haven’t done split testing before, it’s worth every penny.



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