For years, you’ve seen some businesses use seminars to get their message
out to their audiences,

but do these promotions really make any money for people who use them as a marketing tool?

Group of people having a meeting

Not only will I show you that these promotions actually do make money for the companies that use them,

I’ll also show you some of the ads I personally use to push this system to make money here at our firm.

Massage Chair Reviews

Within the various industries I have tried out this strategy, I have found that I can make money in just about any market that has an average lifetime customer value greater than $500.

Here is a small sample of those various industries in which I have already tried this out: 

List of IndustriesAs you can see, it doesn’t have to be a local business, we have also made seminars work for national and even international companies!

Industries where seminars are NOT proven to work include those where the markets themselves were too small to draw a crowd for the event, e.g., restaurant equipment supply company, plastics mold manufacturing company, etc.

Although, it could possibly work in larger metro areas than the immediate markets we tried them in.

One of the ways I was so consistent with the results I was getting was to promote whatever message we had for our clients’ audiences that could be used over and over at our firm without having to test new ideas for new campaigns for every new industry that I would want to set up an event for.

For instance, if you’re trying to use an event to promote a physical product company and you want a guaranteed response from what you are doing,

I have found that putting on a demo locally for your potential customers is what always gets huge crowds of people, and it works virtually every time we use this for one of our clients here, without exception.

Massage Chair Ads

Golf Ads

If you are in one of those service industries,

you can do what I have shown you above, but instead, offer 3D or other reality-based demonstrations at your firm, as they do an incredible job of drawing in large crowds of willing buyers and work virtually every time you need them to.back pain solution ads

Planning Your Campaign

Regardless of what idea you come up with for your event,

the next step will be to set up a campaign that will get your offer in front of all the people in your market who are in the process of doing their research about your product online.

Those main places will include:

Search enginesGoogle Ads search for Massage Chair(1)

Review sitesMassage Chair Review Sites(1)Massage Chair Review Sites(2)ForumsGoogle Ads search for Massage Chair(2)

AVS Forums Sites

And anywhere else you think your prospects will be doing their pre-purchase decision making at.

To get these results—like I’m routinely getting from campaigns after years of practicing this system of doing business at our firm—

you will need to constantly measure and refine who’s coming to your events so you can make sure you’re always attracting the right people.

The first way you can avoid this problem and ensure that you get as many purchasers out of your events even before you start

is by seeing what type of people you’re attracting to your business now

and using that data to exclude demographics of people from your campaigns who have not made you any money in the past.Export Customer Data for CampaignsIncome targeting restriction

The other way you’ll want to use this data about your customers to improve your campaigns is

to narrow down the ad placements you’re using to get people to your event.

Google Ads search for Massage Chair(3)

Once you have uploaded the sales data to your campaigns to find out which people have made a purchase from you through your campaigns,

you can easily take this data that the ad networks have given you about what ads your customers clicked on to bring them to your event,

and use it as a guide to optimize your account.

Uploading conversions from event to AdWords and Facebook accounts (1)

Upload your conversions from your event to your AdWords and Facebook accounts.

Uploading conversions from event to AdWords and Facebook accounts(2)

Once your data is uploaded, you can modify your bids on where your ads were placed before and how many sales they generated for your company.
Uploading conversions from event to AdWords and Facebook accounts(3)Uploading conversions from event to AdWords and Facebook accounts(4) Total Sales by Source On Massage Chair Campaign

How to Scale a Seminar Campaign Idea That Has Been Tested

The great thing about using PPC to promote seminars

is that you can easily run subsequent promotions/campaigns outside your market when you find out what works by making a few adjustments to your account,

as well as in your home market and others after you find out the ideal frequency to run them.

Event Campaign Schedule Home City- Chicago Massage ChairYou will have to test when and how often you will want to hold your events.

Event Campaign Schedule Massage Chair

*** If you say to yourself at any time “this process is just too complicated for me to do” and still would like an improvement in your lead quality, then you can ask me for that here

Once you know how often to run your first city’s event, running subsequent events in other cities should be easy.

In addition to spreading out campaigns you’ll roll out like this in other markets and learning how to make more money from your events,

instead of just running more of them,

you’ll make more money from your campaigns by figuring out how to best follow up with the people who go to your events.

Make sure you are earning the most money from the attendees who go to your events that you can:
Chair Expo Ads(1)Not only should your extra effort with your ads to get as many people to come to your event to buy as much of the time as you can,

you should also capitalize on getting people who already bought to buy additional things from you, as this is where I make most of the revenue that we have coming from these campaigns.

Chair Expo Ads(2)Chair Expo Ads(3)Using seminars like this to get people interested in our brand has actually brought us more revenue per subscriber than anything else I have tried in the past. Remarketing Sales Funnel-Results by Initial Offer Massage Chair Campaign

If you are using any of these other methods to market your business now,

you should instead consider using events to spend all the money you have allocated

to use these campaigns to get people interested in your brand …


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