How To Raise Your Prices (And Get Away With It)

  I used to hear it all the time … A new prospect comes to our firm from a basic web search, looking for help with their PPC campaigns. After checking out what’s on our website, the prospect is excited to get started. Having seen everything they need in order to want to do business … Continued

Improving PPC Lead Quality When Everything Else Fails – Ultimate Guide

  Dear reader, Are you reading this article because you’re fed up with the poor quality leads you’re getting from your PPC campaigns? Have you tried everything to get rid of the people you don’t want But just haven’t been able to figure it out yet?   Well, I am here to tell you that … Continued

Why First Touch Display Advertising Can Generate More Revenue Than Search

In the consulting world, digital display advertising is all too often looked at as a negative thing. Far more often than not, new clients tell me that “display advertising does not work for their businesses” and refuse to try a new campaign strategy due to the terrible taste it has already left in their mouth. … Continued

Use Banner Ads on News Sites To Brainwash Your Market Into Buying

  In this tutorial, I will show you how you can use the online news media and just a few paid banner ads to change your whole market’s perception about the things you offer, so you can sell more of your products and services. The basic idea behind this strategy is this: Any time we … Continued

Using PPC AFTER the Conversion — Your Upsell / Cross Sell Connection

  Would you like to learn how to do upsells just like this for your own business(es)? While there are plenty of companies out there doing upsells like this to increase their company’s revenue, Amazon generates 30 percent of their revenue just from upsells.   most of them are still only doing it with email, … Continued

How To Monetize 95% of Your ‘Ad Clicking’ Information Seekers

Dear PPC advertiser, Have you ever tried to optimize your campaigns like this yet? One thing we found at my firm doing tests like this is: Running these types of offers always performed better when technical questions were the normal part of the customer’s buying process, and my clients’ revenue was affected by as much as 100-500% … Continued

Leveraging a Blog With PPC — PPCing Your Content for Even More Direct Sales

If you have regularly been publishing content, then I do not have to tell you how much this content can make your business. From Hubspot: (Guest Author) Henry O’ Loughlin (862 hours of content marketing generates at least three leads per hour and over 100 visits.)   You’re here because you want to scale that … Continued

Automate Month-End Discounts With PPC – Without Affiliates

                                           Source: SALES   As a business owner in the B2C space, you already know the POWER of running sales to make your cash register ring. And because of this, you may have asked … Continued

Adwords Price Extensions: A Case Study – Infographic

Expanded Text Ads – Case Study Results: An Infographic