I used to hear it all the time …

A new prospect comes to our firm from a basic web search, looking for help with their PPC campaigns.

After checking out what’s on our website, the prospect is excited to get started.

Having seen everything they need in order to want to do business with us (besides the actual terms of the deal), they ask:

“Do your prices really have to be this high for a company like mine?”


Man using telephone


If this sounds like something happening a lot at your own company,

And you’re sick and tired of people not wanting to pay you what your products and services are worth,

Then you’re in luck! This article will tell you exactly how to finally get around it.

Getting people to really want to buy what you want to sell,

And getting them to pay the right prices for it,

Has nothing to do with improving how you’re selling it to them now.

You see,

Getting people to pay more for what you are selling right now,

And not complain about it,

Really involves getting other people to recommend your offer,

And then forcing those customers to see/notice it.


Reviews of Auto Tracks


When we personally changed how we were promoting our firm this way,

We were not only able to stop having to justify why our prices were always so high —

Like we always were —

But we were also able to charge almost twice as much as we were before, once we were no longer seen as a commodity in our industry by doing it.


Results Achieved Promoting Our Own Brand With 3rd Party Review Ads

Bar Graph of Results Achieved Promoting Our Own Brand


*** If you say to yourself at any time “this process is just too complicated for me to do” and still would like an improvement in your lead quality, then you can ask me for that here

To see how you can raise your own prices and make more money than you are now,

Using the same techniques as I just shared with you,

I will share a story from a mattress company,

Where we were able to achieve the same thing,


Increasing the Price of a Product from a Mattress Company


After having tried harder and harder to find a way to reach their customers the same way before they approached our firm for help.

Everything changed for their company like it did for us,

Once we got the right authorities in their market to explain to their prospects what they were finally paying more for.


Cycle of How to Explain their Market to their Prospects


If you want to do this same thing for your own business,

Then you’ll need to find out what your customers are willing to pay more for with your products or services.

Your future customers are already ready to tell you about it on:

Search engines,

Q&A sites,

Sites with reviews,

And more …


Comment Section on a Review Article Mentioning a Product Feature


Once you find out from all these prospects what they want out of your market,

It will be time to reach out to all the influencers you can,

To show all the people you want to sell to,

That you can provide it.


For the “bed in the box” company I mentioned to you earlier in this article,

We approached bigger sites in their industry to get reviews of their projects in order to hit this objective.

Below is an example:


Approaching Bigger Sites to Get Reviews


These product comparison reviews often get far more engagement than any of the other types of content we can promote, and that was the case here as well.

In addition to the text reviews,

Video reviews were included with this client’s plan to raise their prices,

And should be included in your plan to raise the profile of your product or service offerings as well.

Video earns much more credibility than standard text content by our own experience (they’re commented in sales conversations the most).


Youtube search result on side sleeper mattress


Review Promotion

Now that we have reviews out there that have positioned us as the key thing customers seeking quality want from us,

We will now work on getting those reviews in front of as many of those prospects as possible.

Again, we’ll use our “bed in a box” review to give you an idea of how to get your reviews out there as well.

One of the places we put our ads to promote our reviews were on the sites we got the reviews from initially, since sales from there were so good already:


Review Promotion using "bed in a box" review

Best reviewed for side sleepers AdsVideo clip of a reviewer tries the mattress

Sales Record


Beyond these same site reviews, however,

You’ll also want to get featured on as many other types of sites from your prospects as your prospects as you possibly can.


Google search result on whats the best side sleeping foam mattress

Google search result on casper mattress review

Youtube search result on casper mattress review


The more ads our prospects see,

The more our prospects will trust our brand when they see it,

And the more they will buy.


Process of getting the Ads to educate audience


Line Graph of number of times of Ads were clicked


Don’t Forget Facebook

Facebook is another great place to advertise, as their algorithm can help you tap into people who have already been on your competitors’ sites but haven’t done much, if any, research on your market yet.


Process of putting the Ads on Facebook


These ads are particularly great because of the trust you will gain for the content itself by running your ads there.


Out of the dozens of ad placements you can find to advertise your reviews online, these 3 outlets usually bring us the highest return out of any of the ad placements you can have:


Bar Graph of Profitability Of Running Review Ads On Each Advertising Channel


Part 2: Closing the Sale

Once you have educated your audience on why they should be buying with the bulk of your reviews and pointed them there,

The last thing we must do is reach out to our audience and actually ask them for a purchase.


Asking Audience to Purchase


To show you just how much of a difference this makes when we use these extra promotions to push our reviews online,

On the mattress client’s campaign,

We gave our audience at least one chance during the month to give a reason to buy.


Line Graph of September Sales From Mattress Campaign


Our sales would always end up looking like this.


When we didn’t run one of these sales, as we did not have one ready,

Our results would drop off a cliff,

As customers either went with someone else,

Or did not buy at all!


Line Graph of October Sales From Mattress Campaign When NO Sale Was Conducted


To get the same kind of results for your company,

You will need your own time-specific offers to attract people back to your site


Fall Sale Promo Labor Day Sale Promo Using A Hello Bar to Announce Promotion (1)Using A Hello Bar to Announce Promotion (2)


All your promotions, like ours, will be running on a specific schedule in order to generate predictable sales,

And should run independently of you once they’ve defined what they should be and how and when they should run.


Sales within 30 days so promotion are done Schedule Adwords Ads Using Automated Rules Feature Automating Ads in Facebook



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