Dear reader,

Are you reading this article because you’re fed up with the poor quality leads you’re getting from your PPC campaigns?

Have you tried everything to get rid of the people you don’t want

But just haven’t been able to figure it out yet?


Well, I am here to tell you that

no matter how much of an issue you have now,

And/or regardless of what market you are in,

There is a way to stop most of the tire-kickers for good.

It involves simply figuring out how these people who buy from you are different than everyone else,

such as their

  • Buying habits
  • Financial history
  • Gender
  • Other information what makes them unique


And applying them to your campaigns as targeting options so you can finally set it up the right way.

By reading this article, you will learn how to eliminate the 80 percent of the market clicking your ads right now who will never buy and frankly, never had any intention to,

as they do not match your purchasing audience traits.

To demonstrate how this works,

I am going to discuss several different campaigns where I went through this same exact process myself, where I had to turn a campaign that wasn’t making much money into one that was, so you can see the ways it can be done,



–   An E-commerce Company that found more of their profit per customer by knowing who was buying specifically.


Ecommerce Interface


–  A B2B company that was finally able to figure out how to run a profitable campaign when one never existed before.


Sample for B2C- Style Ads


– Countless numbers of traditional, mostly non-e-commerce, B2C-style businesses which have finally figure out how to sell to their own products and services in their own competitive markets


Jewelry Ads (1)


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Ready to get started improving your lead quality?

The First Step in Improving Your Lead Quality: Identifying Who You Should Be Targeting

*** If you say to yourself at any time “this process is just too complicated for me to do” and still would like an improvement in your lead quality, then you can ask me for that here

As already mentioned in this article,

In order to have better quality leads coming in,

You have to first figure out who does and does not already buy your products, if you ever expect your campaign to fully weed people out.


Demographic Data for Customers


The more detailed information you find out about your prospects and customers here,

the better of a campaign you can build.

it’s that simple…



To get started learning more about the people who are buying from you

you are going to start out by seeing who is buying right now by looking at your account as that is the easiest place to get some of this data from,


Demographic Date based on Gender (2)

Demographic Date based on Gender (3)


An example of where I used this kind of data to improve an account, Was with an online jeweler I had recently worked with.


Jewelry Ads (2)


At the time of working on this jeweler’s campaign, they were making some money but had no idea how, as they were not tracking anything.


Jewelry Ads (3)

Phone Sales Uploaded to Google Adwords

Total Conversion Value


Once tracking was set up, however, we could see exactly where and how those sales were coming in, even the ones that came in by phone.

I was quickly able to determine that:

Affluent males,


Demographic Date based on Male Customers


Searching for gifts for their significant others,

Buying before the major holidays,


Top Sales Date Report


Was where 60% of their revenue was coming from and consequently, where we put most of our ad budget.


Jewelry Ads (4)


Jewelry Ads (5)


Jewelry Ads (6)


Down Bid


The result of using this data and setting up their campaigns to target their prospects heavily during the holidays is demonstrated in the graphic below:


Bar Graph comparing the ROI and Total Sales before and After


Using Data Brokers To Even More Discover Key Customer Traits

For improvements you can’t get just by looking at the data, you can get in your ad account from the default metrics:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Time of Day Purchased
  • Day of Week Purchased
  • Month of Year Purchased
  • City, State, and Country User Purchased From


There is one more place you can get more data on your customers,

And that is by using data brokers to give you more information on your customer base.

TowerData is one company I use, as they can give me the email addresses for any customers who have not given me their emails already,

And I can combine that with what data Facebook has to offer with their Audience Insights option,


Tower Data Interface


To discover the rest of what we need to know about our customers and to refine our campaigns.


Tower Data Interface Uploading the Lists

Tower Data Interface showing customer information


Once you have this kind of customer information,

You can use the same data to target your campaigns on Facebook itself, as all those targeting options will be there.


Tower Data Interface Setup to Target Traits


You can also find a list of people who are “like” your previous buyers based on their interests and use that as a targeting feature, as well as using a data broker like Exact Data and combining that data with the other targeting Google does allow by default.


ExactData interface Consumer List

Golfers Mailing Lists Sample in ExactData

Google Adwords Upload Option (2)


An alternate approach to finding the right audience can be to go out and get lists of people who buy similar products to what you sell and make a deal for them.

This can be particularly good if you are just starting out and don’t have a customer list to look at in the first place.


Facebook Search "Fun with coffee" results

Facebook Creat a Customer Audience option


Examples of this would be,

To run an offer for a car rental service if you sell vacation packages, to make extra money.


Traveler List Mailing List Sample in ExactData


Or you could run a campaign for an air filtration system for people who have asthma, as you know that the person would do anything to fix their problem — if you could just reach them.


Asthma Sufferers Mailing Lists Sample in ExactData


To demonstrate how I’ve personally used such a process to target a list of buyers,

I will give you an example of how I did it for my own business first.

If you use Google to search for keywords that pertain to some of the things I do, such as “PPC management,” “PPC services,” and so on,

You will quickly see that I am not listed there.


Google Search about PPC Management



Because there’s only a certain type of clients I want to work for.


Someone who spends at least a grand a month on ads

who isn’t a one-man show,

And who can actually make the decision to hire someone who can make them money.

In other words, 10 percent of the market searching for this service.

You also can set these kinds of stringent standards for whom you’re looking to work with, if you have the need and ambition.

When I use my own industry data broker as my data source for this,


Monthly Ad Budget using Spyfu

LinkedIn Interface Domain Search

Google Adwords Upload Option (2)


I am able to get phenomenal results precisely because I know the people who see my ads are already qualified to do business with me before they even see my ad.


My Adwords Campaign Results 

My Adwords Campaign Results


Improving Your Results

Then very first you are going to want to look at look if you are not quite getting the results you want

Will be to improve two things:

  1. Your list
  2. Your offer


To improve your results on the first one,

I recommend refining the list of people you’re marketing to down to a list of repeat buyers, if you’re going down the “market to your competitors’ buyers” route, as they have a much greater statistical likelihood of doing business with you than anyone who’s only bought one time (most people).


Mailing List Finder


The second thing is to go after people who have purchased RECENTLY.

They will also be far more likely to buy from you by time they hit you up with your ad.


Mailing List Finder (2)


Beyond this,

What you say to your new audience lists is just as important to the list itself, as your new refined audience will want very different things from you, which I will demonstrate next.

To learn how to improve your offer when offering something fairly simple, I’ll show you the standard way I improve my offers after refining my customer audience, by showing you what I did for a carpet cleaner to get more of their highest value clients.


Carpet Cleaning Ads


In this case, I dug through this person’s email to find the things their best customers had wanted but were not currently represented by their ads, which stated how their marketing could be improved specifically (this part is key).

I came up with the following list of things to work into their ads that were important and should have been in there:

  • Key Request 1: Highly profitable customers asked for long-term discount plans.
  • Key Request 2: Highly profitable people usually had pets.
  • Key Request 3: Highly profitable people usually had big families (mostly young children), as their carpet would get dirtier faster than usual.
  • Key Request 4: Highly profitable people had three-plus bedroom homes.


With this information,

I worked each one of these things into their ads to make their offer much better than it was before.

Before and After Search Ad about Carpet Cleaning

In a niche like carpet cleaning, where people have a pretty good idea of what they want before they come to you,

It’s pretty easy to improve your offer just by doing what I did there.

But in industries where your customers or clients don’t know what they need before looking for it, only having a general idea of what they came for at the time of searching,

You will need to be a bit more sophisticated in your approach to find out what your market really wants and what they will respond to.

I usually either:

A) Use a link bait offer to get people to respond based on their emotional ties with the subject (which I’ve described how to do in this article: Click Here).

Link Bait Offer Sample



B) Get these people to admit what they want, by running your campaign more broadly for a time while starting out.

My most recent example with B,

Was with a PR Agency that hired me.


How to increase Product Sale Ads (1)


Having started off with a campaign that didn’t make much money,

I made the decision to run their keywords on a broad-match basis with our income class restriction placed on the account to speed up the process of finding out who their customers really were.


Ad Keyword Sample

Google feature choosing your location

Google Search Items



I was able to put together a much better offer of what we confirmed OUR prospects were really interested in:


Google Search about Celebrity endorsement service


How to increase Product Sale Ads (2)


ROI before and After Finding Target Market


To give you another example of how I used the second option to find more profitable customers with a better offer,

This time in the health supplement space

List of recommended products

I analyzed this client’s customer base to see who was buying from them, to analyze whom we should really be marketing to, so the client could start making money.

When I did, I found that:

Bar graph of Average Lifetime revenue per new customer generated


With this information, I was able to raise the profitability of their campaign by doing the following:

    1. I raised this client’s bids on this category of protein products in the entire account to get close to 100-percent impression share for them across the board for the items that were proving the most profitable.Cost Per Click Bids
    2. I lowered the price of all protein products in their store to 10 percent below our lowest-priced competitor to get increased click-through from these same products.Google Search for Myoplex
    3. I added pricing in each individual search ad I set up within this category to stimulate demand from people searching for products in this category as well.Used Pricing in Search Ads
    4. I made new ads for any protein-related search queries that were under-represented by their current ads, after finding out what was getting searched and not fully being exploited here already:Google Adwords Keyword PlannerOnce all this work was done:


  1. I suggested what new product lines should be added to their store by studying their competitors’ product lines and by using Google’s keyword suggestion tool to find out what was really being searched, to set up ads to expand our total potential exposure in this category.List of Products offered

With all of these things in place,

I was able to achieve the following long-term results for the client, which as you can see, made a world of difference from where it was before:


Bar Graph of Client's Average Litetime Value



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