In this post, I am going to explain how you can use Twitter to sell more of what you offer.

But instead of simply presenting what you have in front of people who you think are good candidates on that site, like most people do,

you can actually find and database the people who actually admit to wanting what you have,

fully capitalizing on the wealth of information on that site

without having to already have a pre-existing or personal relationship with them.


Don’t dismiss Twitter; this type of behavioral display PPC targeting strategy is NOTHING to sneeze at:

Twitter Campaign (Behavioral with List Building)

Granted, this is just an opt-in. Twitter has plenty of prospects to load your sales funnel every day if you are in most niches.


If you would like for me to build you a Twitter campaign like this, then you can request that from me here


Behavioral PPC ad strategies like these work extremely well because it takes most of the uncertainty of “who is clicking” out of the equation,

something that just can’t be done with any other type of display targeting that doesn’t involve a house list, either self-developed or rented.


When someone normally clicks on one of your display ads with any other type of targeting,



or otherwise,

we never really know why that prospect clicked our ad.


In fact, most of these people who click (try two-thirds) are purely seeking information (“ooh, what is this?”), clicking out of pure curiosity.


However, with the type of behavior level tracking systems as described in this article, you can be assured that the tire-kickers won’t even see your ads in the first place, preventing the phenomena from even happening, stopping it at its source.


You can put together what you think is the most refined campaign without this behavioral data,

but it will never be as good as putting that same ad in front of someone you know for a fact has a pre-identified problem or desire allowed for with the method offered on this article.


So how do you implement this Twitter user behavioral targeting strategy?

To get sales results like this for your own business, you only need to sift through the pile of conversations on Twitter’s site to find the exact ones that are relevant to you to uncover your buyers:


1.  First, collect a list of individuals that are in market for what you sell in real time by using Twitter’s advanced search and auditing Twitter’s newsfeed. Make a list of who is admitting to what in real time.


Example Real Time Search Result:

Example Real Time Search Result


 Example Target:

Example Real Time Search Target



2.  Pay Twitter to market to these people specifically by means of these people’s Twitter handles.


Creaet new list Audience in Twitter


That’s it! It’s that simple.


Reflecting on the results above,

I recently set up a campaign for a technical website consultant. To give you an example of how this works,


I first generated myself a list of people who said their website had gone down:


Advance Search Feature in Twitter


 And The Example Target:

Advance Search Target Example


Granted, the SMM manager might not be the CEO, but the direct pitch does not stop on Twitter but rather, on all available media where the CEO actually is, including on the LinkedIn PPC network.


The Oxford Blue Twitter Page


There He Is…

The Oxford Blue LinkedIn Page


Now Just Need To Target Him On LinkedIN

Example Target in LinkedIn


Then, I recorded their names and Twitter handles, as I mentioned above, which you need on a weekly basis, and kept growing my list of prospects until that list was around 1000 names long.

Mind you, still to this day, all the names on that list are still less than 90 days old.

Then with my list of targeted prospects in hand, I baited these prospects with a branded piece of content regarding website fault tolerance procedures to get their permission to email them, knowing full well it would generate a solid lead and for a decent cost:


The Bait Ad

Example Bait Ad


 The Landing Page

Example Landing Page


 The Results

The Result of Twitter Campaign


I continued the conversation with these prospects off the site via email until they liked and trusted me enough to speak on the telephone on a one-on-one basis.


What We Did With Their E-mail

Emailing Targets


And How Many Opted In At The End Of Our Autoresponder Sequence

Opted in At the End of Autoresponder Sequence


And Here is The Money That Came Out the Other End

Twitter Campaign (Behavioral with List Building) 2


While I was not getting people ready to buy right now with this campaign (as so many amateurs expect when trying to do social PPC), with a list of a thousand in-market prospects I could continuously market to at all times, sales trickled in from that email responder throughout the course of running this campaign and continues to produce to this day.

The great thing about this Twitter marketing system is that once your autoresponder is proven, the system will continue to produce as long as you keep your list updated.


About PPC + Autoresponder Sequences to Make Money

The goal with most display ads (not just Twitter PPC) is not to make sales but to start the beginning of a relationship with your intended prospects first and foremost if you really want to generate the type of revenue to completely dominate a niche.

People are far too skeptical to trust you or be perceptive to your messages on PPC display ads without  an otherwise more sophisticated approach, especially with high-dollar offers.

So not only do you need to grab the attention of who is likely your customer in a successful campaign, but the copywriting you use in your e-mail autoresponder also has to be effective enough to sell the benefits of the offer, to turn general interest to individual interest once you have their attention to work.

If you are skeptical about thinking a long funnel really works to sell your prospects, then just take a look at these numbers comparing a straight offer to an email capture strategy from previous campaigns I recently tried.

Straight Sale vs. Autoresponder

As you can see, straight offers rarely work with display; you have to build a relationship with these people first to get them to trust you and your offer.


And actually, in almost in any case you make more money sending people to a straight offer, you will end up making even more with an autoresponder.

I am not the only one claiming this PPC-to-autoresponder sequence makes more money than a straight offer, either; one of the other masters in the biz, Perry Marshall, backs up my claims here.


But why not just use keywords?

Using Keywords on Twitter (1)


Once you go through each hashtag feed manually, you will see how far keyword targeting will get you; only half of what you see or less will be relevant to what and who you want to target.

Second to this, you want to continuously follow the people in these hashtag lists around so you can market to them more than once, as frequency is what works in marketing, and as far as I can tell, there isn’t another way to do this with Twitter’s advertising platform.


Using Keywords on Twitter (2)


Pro Tip: I actually use an assistant to collect my prospects from the search results and upload these prospect lists daily to feed my campaigns on autopilot, keeping them making money for me and maintaining its size.


Other Ways You Can Use This Basic Strategy to Make Money

I just quickly brainstormed a few different types of campaigns you could easily run with this type of ad strategy (and which I am not already doing) to give you some ideas and direction to go with this that will surely work for you as well and can’t already be handled much easier with in-market segments in Google AdWords:


Staffing Agencies (someone talking about how they were fired)

Using Keywords on Twitter (3)



Wedding Planner

Using Keywords on Twitter (4)



Financial Planner or Stock Broker

Using Keywords on Twitter (5)



If hot leads are really your thing (and patience is not), try dropping an offer voucher as an alternative method to make money on Twitter:


The Ad:

Twitter Ads Sample


The Landing Page:

Landing Page Sample


The E-mail Voucher We Sent Them:

Sent Email Voucher


Other Social Networks

If it works on Twitter, you can also do this on Facebook using social search if you can somehow reverse engineer their whole identity, including the phone number or email addresses. The list onboarding function of Facebook ads allow you to do this as long as you have these data, whereas Twitter only requests the username (Twitter handle).

Behavioral Targeting Campaign Results by Network

Results By Network


Here is about what you can expect doing this type of ad strategy on multiple, various networks, to give you an idea of the types of CPA differences between the two networks if you decide to use them both.



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