If you are reading this article, then you might have dabbled in native display ads before but may not have found a return.


You may have seen some of your competitors running native ads and would really like to know how it’s working out for them.


Either just losing them a lot of money,

or conversely,

making them a pile of cash …


Regardless of your motive,

if you think you will never run native ads because you are too scared to spend a massive amount of money figuring out what works for you,

then you no longer have a reason to not start a native ad campaign because here is the way to avoid losing much, if any, money running a new native display ad campaign.

Doesn’t matter if you are running ads on:

Yahoo Gemini












You will simply monitor what everyone else is doing to make money first in your sector before you place a single native display ad online, like I usually do.


With native ad spy software and using the information laid out in this article,

allow your competitors to spend the money required to get a working campaign going

for a product or service offer

instead of spending all that money yourself to figure out what truly works.


If you would like for me to set you up with a free native ad campaign that capitalizes on you’re competitors native ad budget, complete with all the necessary creative, bells and whistles, and most important actually WORKS, then you can request that from me here


So which spy software do you use to do this?


Advault.io is one tool I have personally used to find competitors’ native ad strategy, and it only costs a dollar if you want to check your competitors out right now.

Ads in your business category are almost surely available in their database for your review, something to use for anyone to get a profitable campaign going:


Advault Software for Profitable Native Ad Campaigns

The Software I Use To Build PROFITABLE Native Ad Campaigns 


Advault Ad Spy Dashboard / Interface

Advault Ad Spy Dashboard / Interface


Once you get signed up at Advault, you can quickly see not just what type of ad creative your competitors (or even other businesses in your category that also offer crucial information) are using on an ongoing basis but more importantly, what type of “pre-landers” they are using to make their money, which is really the most critical component of any native ad network display campaign.

Pre-landers warm up cold traffic originating from news or other info-based sites, so when someone is eventually presented with an offer ultimatum to decide on, they fully understand the value being presented while having let their guard down.

If a prospect doesn’t already know the value of the offer before being offered it, then the offer is not likely to convert.

Pre-lander types that are not only popular but also do work include:


Articles with call to action to opt in by email:

Articles with call to action to opt in by email


Faux advertorials:

Dr. Ankur Walia Faux advertorials sample


Straight offer landing pages:

Straight offer landing pages


and more! 


You can view all these offer types by simply clicking on the Spylog button in the top navigation bar when you log into your trial account:

Advault Ad Spy Interface (1)


and then start typing in some keywords related to your niche to start finding your competitors’ ads or others who sell similar things.


Advault Ad Spy Interface (2)


Please notice that there is an advanced search function in this spy tool you should make use of to filter by your target audience/country to get all the offers in other languages you would not normally look at:


Advault Ad Spy Interface (3)

Advault Ad Spy Interface (4)


Where it seems most people using native ads have no skills in creating good copy, as you will see by looking at just a few of these ads, you can still get a good idea on how to run a decent native ad PPC campaign by using this tool.

The point of spy tools like this is not necessarily to have an idea on how to completely run your native ad campaigns to quote a pro, but rather, they do the dirty work for you by digging up what is out there on the net so you don’t have to. In this way, you can draw your own conclusions as a marketer and copywriter in the most efficient manner possible.

You will know what works for your competitors by looking at the raw number of times Advault has run across each ad in its system as the determinate.

Though having seen an ad multiple times does not mean that particular campaign copy is profitable, there is definitely a direct correlation between ad frequency and change of profitability by my experience, as with many others.


Advault Ad Spy Interface (5)


Inversely, if you save and keep tabs on any one ad or advertiser via the “ad tracker” menu, then you can see what did not work for them by how long ads stay running.


Just save your niche keyword in the ad tracker and keep tabs on what is working so you can chart out what’s working in general.


Advault Ad Spy Search about Diet

First Find Which Type Of Ads You Would Like To Track, in This Case All Diet Ads



Advault Ad Tracker that Monitor All Ads in Niche
And The Ad Tracker Helps You Monitor All Ads in Your Niche Long Term



Ripping Campaigns That You Want to Run From Their Site

Not that I really recommend it, but if you were wanting to run the same exact or a very similar ad that you found in the Advault inventory, as it is trending very hard,

you can check out the landers people are using by clicking on the ads themselves here and using a tool like HTTrack to get the design, only changing a few things for a “quick test”:

Advault Interface that Find and View Landing Page

Find and View Their Landing Page


Or download the ad images themselves when you decide to use them here:

Advault Interface that can download Ad image


Downloaded Ad Image

As You Can See, You Can Get the Whole Ad Image


This is actually how most of the affiliate marketing on the internet is born today, with people constantly copying each other’s native ad display campaigns — enough so that if you do run native display ads, you will also be worrying about who steals yours.

Interface that View Page Source of Landing Pages Many People Simply Copy Landing Pages on Pre-landers, So Watch Out



Here are two separate campaigns I have copied and ran in the past, with two very different results per the different networks. As you can see, there is little rhyme or reason to what offers will work on what networks; you just have to try and see what works by looking at the data for each network individually:

Result for Native Ad Campaign (1)

Native Ad Campaign 1

Result for Native Ad Campaign (1)

Native Ad Campaign 2

Along with ad network testing itself, you will also have to analyze your reports inside your ad interfaces so you can make individual bid adjustments for each and every placement you run.

Taboola View Performance by Placement, Device & More


View Performance by Placement, Device & More

CPA Goal ResultIt’s Easy to Hit Your Goals If You Are at Least Somewhat Close to Starting Out

If You Follow Up With Simple Bid Adjustments


Not looking for ads in any particular vertical or market and would like to use this tool to start a new business from scratch?

Then I highly recommend using the AdStrength tool on Advault, which allows you to see ads that Advault has found being listed more frequently than any other of the millions of ads that their web crawlers have found.

Ads are ranked from 1-100, with the most commonly seen ads ranked at 100.

Spylog Ads’ “AdStrength” Score(1)
See Here for Your Ads’ “AdStrength” Score


I like to use this “AdStrength Number” after I identify who all the main actual advertisers are, as people who spend large amounts are adequately testing what they got, so finding their best ads can pretty well indicate what’s making money out there right now …

Spylog Ads’ “AdStrength” Score(2)

You Can Also See How the Big Advertisers Are Making Their Money


Things change quickly in what works via native ad display offers, so you can use this tool to consistently stay on top of the best working strategies.


Ad Credits

Advault has a great ad voucher program that is similar to Google AdWords to get your feet wet on all the best native advertising networks, including:


native ad network — easily the biggest, most recognized name here

Logo of MGID

Which offers:

100% credit match on first-time deposit up to $1,000

Source: MGID



Redirect —
native ad network

Logo of Redirect

Which offers:
100% credit match on first-time deposit up to $50, valid until the 1 August 2016

Source: Redirect


Advertise.com —
native ad network

Logo of Advertise.com


Which offers:
30% credit match on first-time deposit up to $5,000 for the month of July 2016

 Source: Advertise.com


Adyoulike —
native ad network

Logo of Adyoulike

Which offers:
20% credit match on first-time deposits over £2,000

  Source: Adyoulike


Plugz —
native ad network

Logo of Plugz

Which offers:
Extra 50 percent clicks or pops on any campaign you choose, with no budget limit

 Source: Plugz


Native Ads (Content Worth Viewing) —
native ad network

Logo of Native Ads


Which offers:
10% credit match on first deposit from $100 to $1,000

Source: Native Ads



Twenty percent of your placements at the end of the day will generate 80 percent of your revenue.

The game really is, can you break even early enough to find the 20 percent that will make your campaign work for months or years?


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