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Case Study 6

Public Relations Firm

  • 332%Number of Conversions Improvement
  • 76%Cost of Conversions Improvement

The Challenge

A big city PR firm approached Guaranteed PPC to have us help them win more high-quality public relations contracts for their business.

While the owner and partner were fairly unfamiliar with PPC prior to our initial engagement, they were indeed eager to make it work for them (whatever that would take) and were relying on us to help them reach their goal.

Searching for a Solution

We advised the client that despite them actually offering more than just one service, they should focus on promoting just one of their services instead of marketing all of them together, because:

  1. Public relations is an extremely saturated space.
  2. It would be easier to communicate value to their prospective clients on a landing page dedicated to marketing one specific service.
  3. People looking for more specific services from them would actually be more qualified upon contacting them and closer to making a real purchase instead of needing guidance first.
  4. By pre-distilling down the type of prospects they were speaking to, their leads/prospects would likely have more money to spend on average.
  5. They would be marketing themselves like a specialist, which is what people in general prefer to work with, anyway.

The Solution

After carefully weighing all available options, Guaranteed PPC advised their client that marketing their celebrity endorsement service (a service they also specialized in) offered them the greatest opportunity to reach their goals, as it had the perceived lowest amount of predicted competition and anticipated highest dollar per client acquisition value from their available list of services.

Example Product Placement 1
Example Product Placement 2

With celebrity endorsements in mind, it was advised that there were two separate campaign planks to execute to get their account established in a way that would ensure that they would receive the maximum benefit of the ad spend they had dedicated to the campaign:

  1. We would need to run this campaign nationwide vs. only locally in their metro area, despite them historically being a primarily local-based PR firm.
  2. To attract the high-profile clients they wanted, we would need to develop an impressive landing page for them that showcased their highest profile work and made it absolutely clear to their prospects that they were the best company in the space offering this service.

Building the Sales Funnel

Campaign Creation

Since we were now working in a niche that had much fewer competitors overall, we could immediately run all the obvious highest quality keyword choices to attract our clients, while still maintaining our tight test budget:

  1. Celebrity Endorsements
  2. Celebrity Endorsement Agencies
  3. Celebrity Endorsement Firms
  4. Celebrity Endorsement Company
  5. Celebrity Endorsement Services

Such a hyper-targeted campaign would also provide an added side benefit of quick results that would show feasibility quickly vs. using a multiple touch point campaign (link) typically used to find niche, professional service clients.

Landing Page Creation

Guaranteed PPC put together the necessary landing page for this campaign, including the impressive images, testimonials, and sales copy used together and needed to impress and secure the high-end clientele they wanted within a few seconds of hitting our page.

While Guaranteed PPC could have put together an even more impressive page with even more detail than shown, this landing page ended up being substantially more impressive than any of their other competitors running ads in their space, virtually ensuring it would work well for them regardless of how many other details we could have also included.

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Lead Qualification

With our new campaigns live, the next task for our agency was to see if the leads being generated by their new campaign were turning into actual revenue.

While most of our clients had been contacting our client’s agency via our client’s landing page form, each of these leads were already tagged at the point of inception for future ROI level tracking.


Using the Call Rail software, call-in leads were tracked in the same way as the form leads, completing the ROI information loop.

case-6_31 not only tracks all calls but also any GCLID information necessary to tie them to a revenue number.

Tracking leads by revenue in this manner allows our PPC team to not only discover which keywords are performing the best for them but to also understand which direction the campaign should be steered long term to optimize their campaign results for actual profit instead of just “leads.”


Our process allows us to tell the exact amount of revenue each keyword we are bidding on in Google is netting our client, as well as the percentage of ROI.

The Result

The PPC strategy described in this case study paid off big time, considering they received two new deals in the very first month of running the campaign.

This campaign had worked well enough that assigned celebrity contacts spots were soon fully booked, and they had to pause the campaign to catch up.

Plans to roll out landing pages for other sub-services, such as retail distribution planning and placement services, are already in the works to better handle the massive amount of work they now know PPC can bring them.


While many clients complain about the cost of well-designed, custom landing pages to market single services, it’s pages like this one that will actually increase your conversion results far beyond what others in your space are getting if you actually want to gain a competitive edge on your competition and pay significantly less to get that business and be in position to steal significant market share from them.


It is also very crucial to use a landing page of such caliber as we did here if you plan on garnering the attention of any of your highest end prospects, as those are who want to see the best landing page from you.

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