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PPC Management Case Study

Case Study 7

Medical Services Field – Pain Clinic

  • 700%Number of Conversions Improvement
  • 69%Cost of Conversions Improvement

The Challenge

The client featured in this case study is a specialized medical clinic offering spine pain treatment solutions to pain patients in their immediate local area.

With the client was successfully running their AdWords campaign for years upon approaching them, the client was not nearly getting enough response from their campaign to keep them fully booked as needed.

The Offer

Guaranteed PPC had approached the medical facility upon noticing their campaign was setup un-ideally, informing them that our agency could significantly increase their patient lead flow in 60 days’ time by quickly fixing key issues with their campaign, and achieve those increased patient bookings with no money up front to build trust, credibility, and establish a long term relationship between the parties.

The Client’s Response

Upon being offered the guarantee, the client countered our initial offer by indicating they needed a 30% increase in patient bookings in the 60 days’ time frame in order to further engage with us.

Based upon what Guaranteed PPC already knew about their campaign, we had quickly agreed to the terms presented and began planning the campaign.

What “Success” Looked Like Before

It was revealed during the initial client interview that the client’s best leads were the ones who already knew what they needed before contacted them, namely either medical surgical solutions or pain management injections, despite it being an actual ‘by request’ service.

Keyword Targeting Was Very Generic In Nature When We Started, Much Like Their Competitors

Their Current PPC Manager

To garner more of these specific patient types, their current in-house PPC manager at the time had tried to optimize their AdWords campaign for more of what the owner wanted here by using the dynamic keyword insertion feature available in AdWords, to provide each searcher with a more customized ad experience that would more closely resemble what they were originally searching for and typed into Google.

What they Wanted to Happen

What Also Did Happen, Far Too Often…..

The Problem With This and Mostly Any DKI PPC Strategy

While DKI sometimes works to produce low cost leads in quantity (namely the software niche), it’s far more common for DKI to produce a worse than benchmark improvement in campaign performance when compared to customized, static ads as Googles DKI’s ad delivery mechanism is very vague in operation.

When the user senses an AD is algorithmically generated like the one listed below, your intended audience will now only click an ad like this as a last resort as people realize what is behind the ad really is an unknown, the opposite of what the user actually wants when picking an ad / vendor choice.

There Is No Way To Effectively Prevent This Kind of Ad Triggering With DKI Ads:

The Middle-Ground Solution That Achieves The Needed Ad Customization For This Project, Without All The Drawbacks

While the client’s ad manager was on the right track trying to offer their potential patients a more customized ad experience, they failed to do it in a way that was predictable for the user.

Guaranteed PPC had helped solved this problem for the client by replacing DKI with many other static ads to achieve the same level of ad customization they needed, but with a much higher level of precision and predictability.

Our New, Custom Ad Copy Strategy Would Trigger Well Performing, Well Controlled Ads Like This One, Every Single Time:

This new plan to release the needed custom ad copy that did not at all incorporate scripting was executed in the following 4 steps:
  • Keyword Research Phase
  • Mass Ad Copywriting Phase
  • Landing Page Development Phase
  • Keyword Layering Phase

Building The New Campaign

Step 1: Keyword Research Phase

The first part of our strategy involved finding the complete comprehensive list of procedures and treatment names to be able to target all of their eligible searcher types on an individual basis.

We had filtered out any search types which were either not specifically relevant to a declaration of pain or specific to a treatment type…

Step 2: Mass Ad Copywriting Phase

With the keyword research phase completed, Guaranteed PPC immediately went to work pairing up the client’s newly written ads with each patient’s future predicted search behavior as planned.

Data here was inserted into an ad ‘matrix’ to quickly show the client how this would work after the new account relaunch we were about to do for them, and to get an approval from the client before we would relaunch.

By setting up the clients new account in such a through manner, we were able to successfully maximize all relevant click throughs for the client and therefore patient demand from their immediate local area, not just as what was required to reach their very lofty booking goal.

In the end, a list of over 100 unique ads were setup under this new campaign plan Guaranteed PPC had setup on behalf of the client vs. the single campaign that had running prior to our engagement.

Step 3: Landing Page Development Phase

Each landing page and ad’s destination URL’s headline was also customized to mirror what the each of over 100 unique ads that had been created on behalf of the client:

Pro Tip: Tools that offer to automatically insert a user’s search phrase into the landing page they arrive on will generally not offer the advertiser increased rate of conversion as advertised as much as a manual headline keyword insertion would for the same reasons DKI style ads will fail, namely, a lack of control of how these headlines appear for the user.

What DKI Headlines Also Too Often Do

Step 4: Keyword Layering

To ensure each ad would be shown to each intended patient,

Guaranteed PPC layered on all necessary negative keywords on top of each of the client’s new ad groups establishment to properly section off each new adgroup and enable the precise level of ad targeting that was intended with the new account setup.

Example Results:

The Result

Initial Affect on Lead Flow

With new leads now rolling in, the client was now averaging at least several new patient bookings a day and instead of sporadic volume of calls they had been receiving previously.

Post Launch Lead Qualification

To know the value of these new calls the client was getting, offline conversion tracking systems were installed to audit and initially prove new leads coming in as valid or invalid, i.e. actual scheduled procedures were being made with confirmed insurance qualification or a returning patients verified who consume continuous care such as ongoing injections.

Leads proven to be ‘revenue generating’ were also assigned a unique transaction value by the phone operator and secretary handling the leads.

When each lead was scored, Guaranteed PPC had uploaded this same conversion data back onto AdWords on their behalf of their client to populate opportunity and revenue data there.

Re-import of offline conversion data back to Adwords allowed us to both:

  • Track and deliver an ROI & profit report to the client to allow the owner to make accurate decisions about whether to run more of or not run the campaign at all.

  • Allow our own firm to optimize the client’s campaign for the actual (KPI) needed, ie. booked appointments and total transaction revenue instead of simply optimizing for more unidentified leads (phone calls or web form completions).


Not only did the clients cost per conversion come down significantly after engaging with us introducing the items prescribed in this case study, each new lead coming in now converted at a much higher rate than before which had been voiced by the client as “a tremendous success”.

To continue increasing their response, Guaranteed PPC had suggested using secondary PPC traffic sources as the next step in getting an every larger slice of the local market.


Similar to the client reviewed in this particular case study, most installations of DKI are simply not that effective in boosting campaign performance as shown by our other prior client data.

The exception to this rule exists when use cases to be targeted wind up being in the in the thousands. If you do have thousands of use cases to target, ask us how we can help you do it using custom scripts which can make you’re ads look custom, and on scale to greatly increase click through rates.

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