Guaranteed PPC

PPC Management Case Study

Case Study 5

Home Services – Repair (non-eCommerce)

  • 217%Number of Conversions Improvement
  • 30%Cost of Conversions Improvement


Client brought Guaranteed PPC in as a way to decrease their cost per call and increase the total number of calls achieved from their Google AdWords search campaign. Starting in one geo local area of many, results were delivered as follows (minus one small issue with contractors during the week of the 27th when the campaign was paused out).


The Result

Client’s total number of calls doubled, with a reduction in the cost per call of 30 percent in just two months. Results were delivered without the use of dynamic number insertion; however, this will be enhanced through dynamic phone insertion as campaign performance results are plateaued. Campaign results will resultantly be applied to other metro areas targeted by this North America-wide services provider.

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