I am going to make this short and sweet for all those of you who just don’t know what your getting from your regular PPC manager, and for the money.

If you can say yes to even 1 of these items, then you are definitely getting screwed


1. Zero or Not Enough Ad Copy Testing / Poor Ad Copywriting


See how much of a difference little changes in your ad copy can make for your business?


But these are just clicks, it means nothing to me …




Realize that for every factor you increase in your Ad’s Click-Through Rate Percentage,

your Quality Score will also increase by a similar corresponding amount.



How Click-Through Rate Is Correlated to Quality Score



And given my ad test result example above,

I realized a quality score increase from quality score 8 to quality score 10 …


2Quality Score Before


3Quality Score After


… thus earning me a net reduction in cost of 15 percent for each point in increased quality score for a total of a 30 percent reduction in cost per lead:


How Quality Score Correlates to Cost Per Conversion

*Courtesy of WordStream


All this is happening to you because YOU are merely settling for a measly 3-5 percent AVERAGE Click-Through Rate…


If you would like for me to get you a quality score of 10 like this for you, then you can request that from me here


2. Zero or Very Few Negative Keywords


Do You See Negative Keywords In Your AdWords Account?


While a very aggressive negative keywords strategy is not ALWAYS required to get good results on AdWords (it really depends on how niched down you are),

absolutely no or few negative keywords in your account right now is a good sign you are wasting A TON of money in AdWords.


How much am I wasting by not having negative keywords?

Considering that even half of the normal search queries (what people are typing into Google to find and click on your ads) are irrelevant, it’s logical to assume almost half your ad budget is also being wasted.



If You Are Running Regular Broad Match Keywords (NO “, ], or +), You Are Undoubtedly Being Clobbered Without Even Knowing It


3.Making Use of Crappy Landing Pages When Your Ad Manager Should Know Better


How a Landing Page Should Look


There are many reasons why your landing page won’t and isn’t converting at DOUBLE DIGITS,

including pages that look terrible,

but also other ridiculously simple things that could be adjusted and for almost no money,

thus eliminating cost as an excuse …

To give you an example how,

when you search for a local thing in your town, you probably want something as close as possible to you, even though what you’re searching for might come to you anyway …

But I always see people failing to add this critical piece of information to their landing pages that can easily net them 50-100 percent more leads …


Notice How I Customize the Location to Match the User’s Keyword and/or Location



And Make a Killing by Doing What No One Else Is Really Doing



Just By Breaking Up Your Campaigns To Target Suburbs Individually You Can Easily Make 50% More Money By Squeezing More Leads Our Of Your Area AND Reducing The Cost Of Each Lead At The Same Time


But your ad manager says that they don’t do landing pages and that it’s your responsibility …

I say that’s lazy and off-putting.

Still not convinced landing page strategy matters in your campaign?

There are numerous other examples of what small changes to your landing page can do here.

Landing pages examples I GUARANTEE WILL WORK for your business can be viewed here.


4. No Conversion Reporting

This one is typical.

Good marketers are doing it, but the average business owner doesn’t know any better or doesn’t even know it’s possible.

Every dollar you spend on ads CAN be backed out to a hard revenue number, so don’t let your ad manager tell you otherwise …


(click to enlarge)


Even if you don’t think you can track your sales because most are closed over the phone,

come to me and I will show how to do it absolutely free.


Yes, Every Keyword You Get a Click on Can Break Down to a Clear Profit Figure


5. No Follow-up Remarketing

You spend good money getting people who you know are qualified (or should be, if done right) to your site, but if they do not convert into a lead or a sale right there on the spot, then they likely never will.


Tell me, if someone calls you up to buy something and they don’t say yes right away but are expressing extreme interest, do you just wait around for them to call you back without ever checking up on them?

If so, then this is also absurd, as you’re leaving easily one-third of the sales on both ends of that equation.



While your initial cost to get someone to your site might be upward of or approaching $50 per click, every other ad click you use to get them back to your site again

will be only $2 each,

netting you conversions that are over 300 percent below your first click average.


It is so obvious why this works.

Banner ad examples I GUARANTEE WILL WORK for your business can be viewed here.


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