Lead Nurturing Using PPC

Better Than Email

In 2016, most people know just how important lead nurturing by using email lists and segmentation tools such as HubSpot is to building a strong business. What most people still do not know, however, is how effective — or rather, how much more effective applying a similar strategy using PPC ads really is.

That is what this article is about, as well as what you can do to get ahead of the curve in your lead nurturing sequence strategy, giving you a very distinct and competitive edge over the competition.

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Email Autoresponder Software and Their Popularity: A Background

The trend of businesses investing in autoresponder sequence software (such as Infusionsoft), which buckets their leads by interest and ensures the right people get the necessary info to move forward in making a purchase decision, has been increasing for years.

Source: https://www.infusionsoft.com/


HubSpot alone charges $20,000 just for setup on such a system.

Source: http://www.hubspot.com/

While I cannot blame anyone for spending that much money, as they are quite effective, PPC can often be cheaper to get into and overall more effective per dollar spent than email outreach alone.

Both nurturing systems actually have their own purposes: one namely uses “reach “to increase exposure, and the other uses “identify and profile” so salespeople can act on the user data acquired. When used together, however, an extremely competitive advantage is garnered by absolutely ensuring buyers in the market are educated on why and most importantly, why not, to go with a given product or solution, along with the insight on who cares enough to be enlightened with that kind of information.



Things PPC Can Do That Email Nurturing Alone Cannot

#1 — PPC ensures a user will actually see each step in your nurturing sequence, as you have infinite chances to remarket that same nurturing content to them.

#2 — PPC offers precise control over how your audience interacts with your nurturing sequence, putting your messages in the exact order they need to be seen.


Interface for Creating Audience


Create Tiered Messaging in Facebook Using Custom Audiences

And this one is huge …

Reason #3 — PPC can completely avoid the promotions tab in Gmail!

promotions tab in Gmail


So, What Category of Lead Nurturer Are You?

Existing User

If you have been running a successful email autoresponder for months or years, you can simply plug and play what email sequence / funnel you have right now into a remarketing PPC campaign and easily get 3x the effectiveness vs. using email alone.

A Non-user

With no Email Nurturing Sequence in place yet, you can kill two birds with one stone executing the steps below, first by creating a sequence for an email responder you do not have, then parlaying that same funnel to your PPC nurturing campaign to maximize it.

To get an idea of what will work for your Social PPC lead nurturing campaign, I highly recommend subscribing to your top subscribers’ sequences by becoming a lead there and copying them to a degree like I often do, taking the best of them all, and applying them to your own campaigns.
Here are a couple of great examples of what a nurturing sequence should look like:


Autoresponder Sequence Example #1: Whitehouse.gov

Autoresponder Sequence Example #1: Whitehouse.go (1)

Lead Nurturing Follow-Up Ideas


Autoresponder Sequence Example #1: Whitehouse.go (2)Each Message Is Set in a Conversational Tone


Autoresponder Sequence Example #2: Shoemoney
Autoresponder Sequence Example #2: Shoemoney (1)

As a Frequent Opener of His Email, He Sends More


Autoresponder Sequence Example #2: Shoemoney (2)

And Again He Writes His Messages in a Conversational Tone


After doing your research, you should see a common theme form amongst them — that is, all the best lead nurturing sequences you find are centered on creating reciprocity and defining value, as well as developing the needed frequency to close the deal with their prospects.

Reciprocity — Does the user feel we have given them so much value in the category of purchase they are interested in, they now want to buy from us vs. the competitor?

Differentiation — Was the unique value of what we offered first and effectively conveyed to the audience? Additional and supporting master content will help your prospect make their decision.

Frequency — Did our prospect see our brand enough times to take it seriously? Lead nurturing helps really rack up the necessary brand impressions to make a sale.


Three Strategies / Angles / Ideas I recommend working into your sequence are as follows:
  • CEO Story — Why the owner is in the business
  • Customer success stories
  • Listing and describing various applications benefits of the product / service (that may not be obvious)


Listen to what your customers or clients are asking about with their conversations with your salespeople and work this into your PPC nurturing sequence so as to pre-answer these questions for your prospects.


Once you have come up with a plan to nurture your leads, create a page for each unique piece of content on your site, with a call to action sprinkled out in a nonchalant way to boost the ROI of your nurturing campaign in an advert way.

Example Nurture Content: A Buyers Guide (1)

Example Nurture Content: A Buyers Guide


Example Nurture Content: A Buyers Guide (2)

Sprinkling in Links to Other Content to Further Subcategorize Your Leads as Well as Directly


Then, create a banner ad that spells out what’s offered on that unique piece of content for your user to discover.

Yes, you will need a unique banner for each step in your PPC nurturing sequence just like you would need unique subject lines for each email in any other email nurturing sequence you would do / use.

Example Nurture Content: A Buyers Guide (3)

Ad copy you use for each nurturing content piece should be similar in style to remind the user how good the last content you offered them was, “stimulating” the next click.
Fail to have good content on the first step of your sequence, and watch the rest of your campaign crash and burn from sky-high CPCs.


PPC Networks to Nurture Your Leads on

With your funnel content in place, we can now pick some PPC networks we can share this content with, and to our prospect audience exclusively.

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • AdWords


If you are just starting on this today, you can start marketing to those people who were on the fence about doing business with you or dropped off due to lack of understanding from months past on Facebook’s network by using email addresses already collected.

Interface for Creating Audience (2)

Upload a List of Pre-existing Customers to Facebook to Start


Interface for Creating Audience (3)

Facebook Even Accepts Phone Numbers If You Wish


From there, keep each list updated by using pixel-based retargeting as you start sending people through your sequence in the future.
Pixel Based List Creation

Pixel Based List Creation Automates This Process


BaseballMonkey Pixel Base Code Just Drop the Necessary Code on Your Website


Customizing Audience Sample

Then Define Audiences for Each Piece of Content You Have From the Same Pixel Data


 Set up Campaigns to Target Each User

And Set up Your Campaigns to Target Each User Based Upon What Content They Already Saw


Determining Results

To pick which social PPC outlet works best for you, tag your destination URLs with UTM strings for lead analysis inside your Google Analytics installation.




CPC / CPM Costs Result (1)Once Your Campaign Is Running, Check Your CPC / CPM Costs at Each Network


CPC / CPM Costs Result (2)

Some May Not Make the Cut …


Conversion Potential in Analytics Traffic Sources Report (1)

All Sources Can be Checked for Conversion Potential in Analytics Traffic Sources Report


You may also decide to assign an actual finite value for each ad click if you want to track your nurturing campaigns better. You can do this by using Google Analytics attribution modeling reporting function if you are either running an eCommerce site or are regularly doing an offline conversion tracking import.


Conversion Potential in Analytics Traffic Sources Report (2)

A cost “per interaction” can be derived from your nurturing campaign like any other marketing program using revenue-based tracking.


Once you know about how much revenue a “touch” is generating, you can adjust the ads on your front end campaigns to meet these ROI goals, to increase your ads’ click through rates, and to decrease your CPC and cost per visit costs accordingly, executing on general PPC optimization strategies.

On an individual level, this “track and monitoring” process is very similar to lead scoring that you might already have experience in your CRM, and if not, it should be leveraged to optimize this process to let your salespeople know when exactly they should be reaching out to your prospects.

Once a certain amount of content has been engaged with, a trigger to your sales staff to reach out occurs:


List of Sales staff

From Infusionsoft CRM: The more touches you have from your social PPC campaign, the hotter the lead is rated. Leads who click on every one of your ads in sequence gets put on a salesperson’s “close now” list for immediate action.



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