How your COMPETITORS afford millions of dollars in Google Ads

Out of taking over literally thousands of other people’s Adwords accounts, over the last 15 years to either audit them or provide my clients with some help to setup their ads

I am going to show you here that 95%+ of the people and the accounts I come across after all these years,

wasted 60 - 70% of your own money that is spend within them are in general completely wasted from what I’ve seen due to gross negligence on their part

and as a result

didn’t really know that they’re really making any money until I actually told them after their account review was over. 

Furthermore, what else you may find interesting looking through thousands of accounts at my agency,

You should be pleased to know I can also tell you that if you use an agency to manage your ads and I have seen hundreds of those accounts to that have come across my desk

It really did not make any difference if you used a PPC ad agency or not, 90%+ of the PPC agencies out there are ALSO doing these same things to ultimately lose about the same amount of money they would have been losing if they set up their ads on their own.

For the most part, most companies’ accounts are being managed inefficiently and it doesn’t matter where or how you get it done, most people are making the same mistakes which are causing them to lose most of their money.

To help you realize and not be a victim of one of these ad agencies who have set you up with your ads and may not be totally forthright about your ads or to just be able to help you on your own,

I have come up with a list of the things I have personally found that most people are committing to that cause people to lose all their money that I found here when I have reviewed all of these accounts over the years to follow

Which if you followed each one of them listed, would not end up doing too bad for yourself despite anything else you did.

These strategies to eliminate waste I am about to give would be all the same things I would recommend for any account I would run on my own.

Without further ado,

Here are the 6 things that I have personally discovered over the years that clients, as well as their ad agencies alike, mess up that lead them to consistently commit to waste 60–70% or more of their clients’ money every single month to prevent them from happening on your account:

Atrocity #1

People are not doing nearly planning of their starting ad budgets to even know what success looks like before they start.

To start, I can tell you most people who spend $20K a month on their Google Ads at least did not start out that way for most of those companies involved;

most of big advertisers seen that, got there, had a predetermined plan of what they needed to get there before they got started,

and when making money with their ads, they kept shoveling all the extra profit they were making and putting it into more ads until they have the built the account you see today.

To set one of these high spending accounts for yourself,

Not only should you have a goal marked out from the campaign so you know exactly when you will start actually making a profit from your ads, build an account for yourself like this, you should also have the goals of your campaigns before you start out to know exactly what you need to go through every stage of your plan in scaling your account before you start out so you can go through your plan with the upmost confidence for yourself after you start.

you should also have the goals of your campaigns before you start out know exactly what you need to go through every stage of your plan in scaling your account before you start out so you can go through your plan with the upmost confidence for yourself after you start.

With the information already out there that can tell you about what numbers you need from your campaign at each stage before you start (from Google as well as other industry published data), you should be able to know everything about what you need to get a large return out of your companies Google ad campaigns via a single spreadsheet (t) before spending a dime on your ads there at your company.

To set one of these high producing campaigns on Google Ads so you can be put in a position to build a Google Ad account that scales for your company,

Everything on your ad campaigns including how many sales your customers including those that occur offline must be tracked in your account first so that later use that data to guide your account to a profitable status as I have shown above later on down the line.

Future ad campaigns you need to scale your account will always be able to be brought to a profitable state in the same exact way as you started out optimizing your initial campaigns as you have earlier.

Everything possible you think you need to track and otherwise weed out all the bad parts of your investment are available through the Google Analytics platform and are free for all advertisers to use for anyone who sets it up.

Atrocity #2

People don’t know how to fully use the data in their account they have to be able to cut out the more than half of the wasted money their account that it has in it at any given time.

If you are like most big hitters who end up spending 10, 20, or even more on the Google Ads platform,

You are most likely using their conversion (sales) data in your ad account to have made a series of hundreds of smaller adjustments to your account to get to get it up to that level and have enough ROI to make them profitable and actually have them pay for themselves the way you see those ads running today.

As a Google Advertiser, more data you have that tells you what is working and not working from your account, the more power you have to make the same kind initial adjustments to your account to get these kinds of returns out of the ads you want over time (usually just a few months of starting out your campaigns).

As a general note about this strategy,

9 out of 10 people who run their ads on Google will NEVER make any money due to a failure to weed out what does not work from their account in the same following way,

either for lack of knowledge of how important it is or lack of initiative to use that data that is available to them to optimize on their account.


Atrocity #3

Not spending nearly enough time to figure out what users really want from their ads to put together ads that actually best match what their customers/clients actually would like to see in that market.

Also branching off of #2,

We all know how hard it can be to figure out how to come up with a set of Google ads for your company when we don't have enough experience doing it yet,

But to actually have something that is going to work well for your company,

You must, at some point, put some considerable time to find the right ad strategy that is going to serve your users better than what other people in your market are already doing now, as that one strategy is the one that is going to provide you with enough return from your ads to scale your ads virtually right after you set it up without question.

The days of simply showing up and doing what everyone else in a market is doing well enough to build an account that scales do not exist anymore for a good chunk of the niche markets out there today.

Atrocity #4

Have no idea at all what the heck it’s going to take to convince someone to buy when once they get to your site.

How many times have you yourself been to someone’s website intending to buy something from the vendor but because you couldn't get the answer you wanted, prematurely left before you decided if that product/service was right for you or your company? Happens all the time, right?

People who scale their accounts to any kind of a decent size are always going to need to check into the source of their customer's dissatisfaction as a normal part of their plan to scale their accounts here instead of leaving it up to chance for the company who ultimately wants to make millions of dollars down the line for themselves.

But how do you know this kind of user dissatisfaction is still going on with my account so I can fix whatever the bottleneck is on my page to get to scale my campaigns to this level for myself?

INSTEAD OF simply GUESSING WHAT YOUR USERS want to see once they reach your website,

there is special software to actually monitor and witness what the dissatisfaction for the users are coming to your site is and to physically fix all the issues you have prior to scaling the campaign for your company (shown below).




Lack of perceived trust and non- intuitiveness of the site will both ruin all possible hopes of running and scaling a campaign and make all the rest of the work you did on setting up the ads a non-factor.

Examples of little things you normally never think of when you first put your pages together for your company that will factor into hurting or even completely ruining your potential results from your ads include things such as:

You would be shocked just how much very small details listed on the pages (if they’re missing) will hinder the results but also what too much of the wrong kind of information on your site will do to your results that distract users from actually doing what you want them to do on your site which you will also want to be considered when fixing the changes to your site in order to finish scaling your account.

Atrocity #5

They have no idea what a customer is worth after the sale and how that should factor in on the actual planning of their campaigns.

The days of setting up an ad campaign, selling something to one person, one single time and expecting to make a profit from just only that are for the most part over in many of the markets out there nowadays in lots of big money niches with lower barriers to entry,

Depending on what area of business you are in, many big advertisers are using the value of ongoing sales from their customers accrued through their repeat sales to finance the high cost of running their ads, even at an initial loss, to initially compete in running ads in that market.

Take, for example, the printing industry where I have run campaigns in this market before,

The large Google advertisers in this market who suck up most of their traffic in that niche literally give away their initial goods just to get the customer and usually need 3-5 transactions after the initial sale to make up the cost of their ad spend to afford to get the customer in the first place.

Similar phenomena also exist in other similar categories such as in personal hygiene/beauty or even commoditized areas of b2b sales such as office supplies where the value of the customer itself is worth far more than what the initial purchase is worth in those markets as well.

You will also find out what your competitors are doing in your market before spending any real money on your ads in your market already.

We made over $1200 on a total $280 investment into ads!

JUST Giving The Product Away For FREE To Get Them As Our Initial Customer!

If you have already set up your ads in a quality way as I have mentioned and still seem to not figure out how to initially get a profitable ad campaign going for your company already,

you should next go into checking out what actual offers your competitors are making in your market as well as what your leading competitors are doing with their customers after the sale to see if you can replicate some of the things for yourself as it might be the one thing left holding you back.

While it might take some time to get started for the reason of it taking a little while to get the money out of the customers facing this kind of situation to compete in the market you’re in, you can simply start small like your competitors had to start out and let the process work for you like it worked for your competitors to scale to the level they are at today with their campaigns.

As long as you know what your numbers are going in, the mechanics to scale an account are still all the same as they would be for anyone else, for those who do not have this initial hurdle starting out as you may have to get over at your company there.

Final Atrocity

For a lot of people who initially setup their ads, 15 minutes to initially setup their ad accounts and then usually go on to find out it was a waste of money after a few weeks of setting it up,

however, those who have spent HUNDREDS of HOURS NOT  MINUTES in preparation of their ads to initially out do anyone else in that market this way following way can earn enough money from their ads to finance the build up and growth of a very large account for themselves once this initial work is put in for their companies already.

By setting up your ads this way, Google already has in place to heavily reward their users who conduct this activity and bring the cost to acquire those same customers to much less cost than their other competing advertisers are getting them in their niche market right now.

How would you like to get your customers/clients to buy as much 1/2 or even 1/3 of the cost your niche competitors who already have their ads running for years in your niche market already?

Using their Google advertising budget to only focus on marketing to NEW prospects vs. instead spending at least some of their money convincing their old users who were already on their site to finish their purchase with your company.

It will generally take multiple attempts, not only one, to inform your future prospects that wish to do business with you will actually buy in your market in most cases and will need to use your followup with your ads to be able to finish closing the sale at a decent rate in most of the markets your in, even if they have shown physical signs (called or emailed already) to be a potential customer/client at your company already.

For all the campaigns I put together here, I will l routinely invest 10-20% of our ad budget on just the remarketing aspect of our campaigns at any given time specifically for this purpose to close as much of the possible prospects we get to our site AS WELL AS maintain that same basic ratio between 'first click or first visit' advertising vs. remarketing on all the rest of the ad spend we scale to at our company due to how much of an impact it will continue to have on all the rest of our ads there as well.


To have good enough return to scale your account like I had with the following campaign I gave you an example of above, you need to keep communicating with your buyer in different ways like I did on the above example (communicating with your customers or clients at least 7 or more times during the normal customer evaluation process) to register any kind of decent rate of return coming out of the ad spend you are investing into your company on a regular basis.

For those who do have a remarketing campaign sequence setup, like I just showed you above, done the right way, with enough variation in your ads to make these ads work for yourself,

it will mean as much as DOUBLE the normal amount of sales out of the ads for yourself as before without these additional ads in place for your company already.

So, there you have it, a full and complete guide that I have seen most 99%+ of people are doing on their ad accounts after looking over and over reviewing 500+ accounts since 2010 at this time.

Whereas no one is forcing you from not doing any of the things necessary to scale your account, at least now you know what it will take in order to be able to see results as I have just shown you in today’s market once you are finally ready. :)

Get in on the action now and a get head start on doing the things in your market as discussed here before anyone else in your market does it already.

by Corey Zieman

his story and antidote I’m going to share with you today is my personal experience of what I have found.


Things like being able to posting GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION about what markets you serve so local customers know your local instantly right when they hit your page

Things like announcing what your product WON’T do in addition to what your product or service actually DOES do which will have users go elsewhere for that information and potentially never coming back

Things like announcing what kind of a GUARANTEE, or WARRANTY, or links to REVIEWS you offer on your workmanship and products offered that that virtually all users will want to see from you when they are on your page as well.

Corey Zieman

Owner/Founder of Guaranteed PPC
















Keywords very vague


More Targeted


    Every campaign has       Hundreds if not Thousands      of unique individual ads   WHEN done right.

Track what's important

Adjust bids to what works

by Region

Projections for each quarter

Revenue by quarter

We made over $1200 on a total $280 investment into ads! JUST Giving The Product Away For FREE To Get Them As Our Initial Customer!

The answer is more simple than you’d expect.

Projections for each other


Projections like these can tell what kind of potential of making from your ads before building an ad account of this size to see what the process will take.

Once you initially reach a point you have picked out the point of profitability with your ads,

it will be a downhill process from there as you can use the main part of your account that is already profitable to begin testing new parts of your campaign (about 20% or so at any given time) you keep adding until you have the eventual account you want.

All the necessary data for you to plan this kind of quarter by quarter projection of your increase in spend and results, you need to do it to get similar results in your market are ready for you to use as you are ready to start that process of building a scalable campaign for yourself.

With all the tools to both project and plan out your campaign investment to tell you pretty well what you should be making from your ads as a whole in your particular niche before you even start, why not use the process I gave you to see if building an ad account of this size in your market is worth it before making any kind of investment into your ads at all?