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PPC Management Case Study

Case Study 1

Health and Wellness (eCommerce)

  • 375%Number of Conversions Improvement
  • 33%Cost of Conversions Improvement

The Challenge

The PPC advertising management client featured in this case study offers health and wellness “water enhancement” products that greatly improve tap water for those interested in its health benefits.

While this client had moderate success selling their water enhancement products in the past, they made it a priority to increase their margins at the time of engagement by focusing attention on selling a much higher priced product, which would afford the client their desired margins.

The new product to be marketed was priced well over $2000, setting a substantial and unique challenge for both parties involved.

Searching for a Solution

To create new and substantial demand for this new product and in the shortest period of time possible, the client knew they had to think big.

They first considered using PPC to build product demand, as they had seen other competitors using it in the past, and so decided this was likely the best solution for them as well.

To give this new campaign the greatest chance of success possible, the client had researched and eventually decided to do business with Guaranteed PPC.

Guaranteed PPC agreed to help the client capture the attention of as many price qualified people in the market as possible to buy a water filtration device in the next 30 days, using the Google AdWords program.

If the campaigns demonstrated feasibility to the client, the client was to continue the campaign accordingly.

The Solution

Despite the client’s ideas about what would work with PPC initially, it was advised after running an initial analysis on the client’s competitions’ PPC campaigns that many of their competitors selling similar water filtration products on the market were also using both search and display advertising to gain their products’ awareness, and so the client should be doing so as well.

The client was quickly in agreement with Guaranteed PPC on the total scope for this project.

Building the Sales Funnel

Since no actual marketing collateral existed for this new product upon engagement with the client, Guaranteed PPC was also tasked with building a landing page for this PPC campaign to sell the product in question by capturing the intended audience’s attention.

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banner-4 banner-5 banner-6 banner-7

With an ideal sales funnel in place, Guaranteed PPC then also constructed and installed the necessary AdWords ad campaigns for the client, which was of the appropriate caliber to discover model feasibility. Because the client informed us that people would want this product for a great variety of reasons, the product was marketed in several distinct ways, including to those who visited our page but did not yet turn into a qualified lead.

Price Qualification

Since the product in question was indeed far more expensive than other similar items in its class, a considerable effort was required to limit exactly who could see our ads. To accomplish this, Guaranteed PPC limited the client’s ad reach using Google’s available income targeting options.
Because sticker shock was still likely to occur with our prospective audience, regardless of how well we were filtering our prospects, the client’s landing page strategy was centered accordingly around generating a lead instead of a straight sale, to ensure our intended audience had adequate time to understand and respect the product’s value before being prompted to make a decision about it. Prospects were asked to enter in their information to gain access to a full product brochure to be qualified as a lead for the client and mark the start of the sales process.
An email autoresponder sequence then would follow-up leads to qualify and properly educate them.Leads who made it through this email autoresponder sequence were triggered for the sales staff to follow up with them. This combination of using income targeting and storytelling, in combination with automated sales tools and personable follow-up, proved to be the perfect formula to make this new product concept a rational decision for the water connoisseur market.

The Result

Overall, the PPC campaign did exactly as it was designed to do.



During the initial month of launch, lead costs were much higher, as we had fewer visitors on our retargeting campaign list.


By month three of campaign launch, however, the remarketing campaign had started to “kick in,” showing it could provide at least 25 percent of the total leads and at a cost much less than what it did to acquire them through the search engines alone.


It is predicted that in three months, having made major adjustments based upon the data accumulated, the client’s lead cost would have broken through the ~$60 level, far exceeding the client’s expectations and requirements to make a very substantial profit.

This campaign would be expanded to include many more keywords and traffic types to expand on its successes in the future.


Despite supply issues that cropped up right away for this client, the campaign was shown to be a great success for both client and agency.

This case study is a reminder that despite there being a clear market for any product at the present time, a market can indeed be created from scratch with the right PPC strategy and sales funnel in place.

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