Guaranteed PPC

PPC Management Case Study

Case Study 3

Financial Consulting – Tax (non-eCommerce)

  • 290%Number of Conversions Improvement
  • 71%Cost of Conversions Improvement

PPC Network: Facebook


Client brought on Guaranteed PPC to manage and improve their AdWords and Facebook PPC campaigns. Client was running banner ads on Google’s display network and newsfeed / sidebar ads on Facebook’s ad network.

Beginning of Campaign Takeover: December 2014 – January 2015


Middle of Campaign Takeover: February 2014 – March 2015


Middle of Campaign Takeover: February 2014 – March 2015



After only a few months, the client’s cost per lead went from $35 per lead to almost $10 a lead on Facebook, leaving AdWords by the wayside due to its lower cost per lead potential. The client had no idea a $10 cost per lead was even possible!

PPC Network: AdWords

Campaign Type: Display Campaign

With Facebook out of the way, the client also wanted to see if it was possible to create similar results with their Google AdWords campaigns, where the cost per lead started out just about as high as Facebook started out, around $30 per lead.

It was advised to the client that a display campaign would mimic the success they had in Facebook Ads.

With a general call to action strategy tested on Facebook in place, a display campaign was launched, and the results speak for themselves.


Overall, the need for leads for the client was met in the present and for well into the future, as the potential to leverage both ad platforms is extraordinary.

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