Skyrocket Your Referral Rates With PPC Campaigns

Probably the best working and most underutilized PPC marketing strategy out there today has to do with artificially stimulating referrals from current and past customers/clients (your house list) using PPC ads, amplifying this (likely) best source of revenue for your business. I do these types of referral campaigns all the time with any house list … Continued

5 Ways You Know If Your Current PPC Manager Is Screwing You

I am going to make this short and sweet for all those of you who just don’t know what your getting from your regular PPC manager, and for the money. If you can say yes to even 1 of these items, then you are definitely getting screwed   1. Zero or Not Enough Ad Copy … Continued

Leads for Pennies : Using Paid Ads to Make Your Business Content Go Viral

In this article, you will learn about using paid ads to make your business’s content go viral, generating a boat-load of sales for your business in the process and in less time than you can probably imagine. If you did not already realize, you can generate leads far cheaper than traditional marketing methods (try pennies … Continued

AdWords / Facebook PPC Ad Copywriting Guide That Doubles Your Revenue

  Rest assured if you are looking for a sound system to improve your PPC ads, you have found the right article. This fantastic tutorial has been written by someone who has crafted thousands of PPC ads and related experiments to find what I feel is the ideal system for developing great ad copy. While … Continued

Lead Nurturing Using PPC – Better Than E-mail

Lead Nurturing Using PPC Better Than Email In 2016, most people know just how important lead nurturing by using email lists and segmentation tools such as HubSpot is to building a strong business. What most people still do not know, however, is how effective — or rather, how much more effective applying a similar strategy … Continued

A Guide To Offline / LTV Revenue Tracking In PPC

For most people see managing PPC campaigns, revenue tracking generally ends with a Google Analytics installation instead of a customer relationship management system where it should be. Without directly linking your PPC accounts to your CRM system to track your campaign ROI, your campaigns will continue to limp along falling far short of their true … Continued

How to Use Taboola, Outbrain to Generate a XX,XXX Daily Income

This article is about native advertising, promoting products and services within embedded content as to seem more like news than advertising. In this article, instead of covering the typical native advertising networks on social media, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, we are specifically focusing on the native ads that offer “similar content” and can likely … Continued

Drug Rehab PPC Case Study— Insurance-Ready Rehab Leads With AdWords

If you own or operate a drug rehab clinic or other drug rehab referral service, then this blog post is for you. I will show you how to reel in those highly sought-after premium insurance leads, using PPC as the tool to do it. If you would like for me to set you up with … Continued

How to Use LinkedIn PPC to Power a Whole Sales Staff

LinkedIn is still one of the most expensive advertising mediums out there, and it’s expensive for a good reason: it works! The reason LinkedIn PPC works so well is because it is the only place online where you can laser-target business professionals in the C-suite, presidential, or managerial level in a way the advertising in … Continued

Does AdWords’ Display Select Campaigns Really Work? A General Guide

If you are wondering how a display select campaign can work for your business, then you are in luck. This article is full of information that shows how display select campaigns can and have worked for both myself and my clients. By following the information laid out here in this article, just about anyone can … Continued