Rest assured if you are looking for a sound system to improve your PPC ads, you have found the right article. This fantastic tutorial has been written by someone who has crafted thousands of PPC ads and related experiments to find what I feel is the ideal system for developing great ad copy.

While I could probably write a bible on this topic of PPC ad copywriting, I have included enough information here in this article to greatly improve your PPC campaigns with a little effort and practice in writing ads.

By mastering the ad copy strategy laid out here, you will likely double or triple your ad click through rates from where they are at right now, dropping your cost per lead by about half, expanding your market size online by 100% or even more giving you plenty of reason to study this article thoroughly and do things as I do.

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The Foundation of Any Amazing Ad Copy

Before you rewrite a single PPC ad for company, you will first want to spend some time figuring out what your customer really wants from your company if you haven’t already, and craft a perfect offer for your prospects that really attract them.

Without the right offer for your prospects, it won’t matter what ad copy style you end up using so focus on your offer first as to not waste any time setting up any tests and having to backtrack and adjust your offer later.

To give you an example of what I am talking about here, I will give an example from a laundromat I had a pleasure with working with a long time ago.

Upon the client telling me he was in the laundry washing and drying business, I quickly rebutted and told him that he was really in the time saving business… his ads had to reflect this fact if he was to see a high level of success with his campaign.


Given the client example above, I offered for a description Line 1 to get the point across and win that business from local competitors.

“Get 2 Weeks Of Laundry Done In 2 Hrs.”

“All Laundry Gets Finished In 60 Min.”

“Get Piles Of Laundry Clean Freaky Fast”


PPC Ad Copy That Builds A Brand

It’s important that you can actually deliver on what your ad copy promises when you develop your ad copy hook, not only for ethical reasons, but there will be a negative effect realized if you can’t deliver what you had offered.  You are not helping anyone by attracting a customer that will never come back to your company.

Market your companies USP in your ads so you end up being the company everyone knows that does one thing really well.

“Freaky Fast Laundry”

“The 60 Min Laundry Mat”


The Objective of Your New and Improved Ad Copy

Regardless of where you are running your PPC ads, the process for writing good ad copy is always the same… get as high of qualified response as possible from every ad that you pay to advertise.

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and any other PPC ad network out there charges their customers on a per impression basis, not clicks at the end of the day (their ad space costs them the same no matter how many people click the ads), making the ultimate goal of your PPC campaign to get as many people who could buy from you that see your ads to click your ads as possible.

An ad that gets clicked by more qualified buyers than what your competitors are generating from their ads is your ticket to PPC riches.

Any ad that you write should have the following components to achieve maximum qualified response to meet this goal:

1. Catch the Eye

2. Hook the Lead

3. Take the User to a Place Where the Promise Is Delivered on (Not a Generic Offer or Other Generic Page)


Since this article is actually about ad copywriting, I’m going to touch on these first two aspects individually:


Catch the Eye — How is your ad different than the rest of the ads in the proximity of where your ads are being shown? Ad fatigue / banner blindness is a real thing in advertising; how can you be (what Seth Godin calls) the purple cow with your ads?

Search Result on Tires


This is exactly why numbers and special characters work so well to increase CTR in almost every case.


Prequalification of Lead —  Is your ad following the AIDA model of marketing psychology proven to work by the marketing community?

Google Search Result on Septic Risers


Attention — What will get the buyer’s attention? (The keyword here is “buyer.”) This is where you will use the cheesy, the flashy, and the ridiculous (as long as you remain credible). It’s all good to snag the user’s attention so they will actually read your ad.

Getting The Buyer's Attention Ad Of DIY Septic Risers

— Note that this product is clearly the more expensive option, but the headline makes up for it!

You should also mimic the user’s search phrase for maximum results and rock bottom-quality scores.



— What is the offer? Is it something that really appeals to your target customer?

Referring to this example, are you selling the benefits instead of the features?

Getting The Buyer's Interes Ad of DIY Septic Risers

No one cares about what you do, only what features or benefits you can offer them.



— How can we get the person who we now have the attention of to act on our offer? Why us? Why now? The best way to do this is to build in either urgency or scarcity, and if possible, both!


In this particular case, we went with something that the user wants, which is insight as to how easy the product will be to install, a premium feature that cheaper vendors are not offering.



— What is it we want the user to do right now? How can they act on our offer specifically / how do we prefer our audience to act on the offer in question?

Getting The Buyer's Action Ad Of DIY Septic Risers

Don’t assume they automatically know what we actually want them to do or how to act in that situation at the end of our mini sales pitch.


For a Facebook ad, here is an example of the AIDA ad model in action:

AIDA Ad Model In Action For A Facebook Ad


While the true attention-getter on Facebook is definitely the image itself (at least 60 percent, by my testing), your ad copy can take a good image to a great one!

To give you an example of how I would put these ad copywriting concepts I have listed above into practice, I am going to rewrite a publically available AdWords ad copy so you can see what would work better than before.


Adwords Before:

Google Search Result on filipino matchmaker (1)


AdWords Ad After:

Google Search Result on filipino matchmaker (2)


As you can see, there is a very clear and concise pattern that I follow to generate results for my clients.



With the right ad messaging figured out, you will want to customize your ads for each location, keyword, and even device you market on for maximum results.

Location Customization

Google Search Result on moving company houston


Keyword Customization

Google Search Result on private investigator chicago


Device Customization (additional extensions)

Device Customization In Google Search Result On Interior Paint


While this remains much more work than just having a single ad for everything, it’s up to you on how you use this information, as the more customization you do, the better your results can be.



For even better ad click-through results, you can always build in a reason to act now, with a bit of scarcity for maximum effect if you really want your ads’ average CTR to go sky high.


Urgency Ad Campaign of Awebber Campaign Mapper


If you do this, it’s always good to back up what you said on your landing page, of course, so there is never any confusion about your offer and to ensure the highest amount of new purchases from the strategy as possible.


Countdown Variable In Ad of AW Pro Tools

Add a countdown variable in your ad to enhance your efforts.



Countdown Extension

Use the “countdown extension” to keep ads looking urgent.



Without going too far into any ad extension’s strategy in this article, I must make a mention of adding review extensions as well, which you will want to add if you can get them. Link up your site with a third party review company such as:


After getting a few reviews from customers or clients, you too can get a five-star review to show up alongside your ad copy, boosting your CTR by another 50 percent or more depending on how competitive your space is.

Google Search Result On dress shoes


Again as with our urgency cues, reference the review on the landing page you are using with your campaign in question if you want the maximum level of results possible.

Naturalizer Ad Before Urgency Cues

What They Have Now


Naturalizer Ad After Urgency Cues

What Would Work Much Better to Generate Revenue


These review extensions not only catch the eye but also prequalify the user to an extreme level, which you always want to do with your PPC ads to ensure back end payoff. I have seen ads with reviews convert at 10-20 percent more than baseline just by incorporating this same strategy.




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